Terrascope Review: If You Knew What I Dreamed LP
"It is well known that the Terrascope has had a long time love for The Green Pajamas and this release can only deepen this love as it contains live in the studio versions of some of their finest moments plus a couple of new songs..."
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Active Listener Review: If You Knew What I Dreamed LP
"Jeff Kelly (who has always written the majority of Green Pajamas material) is a bit of a genius, a graduate from the classic school of pop songwriting who combines Beatlesque melodies with imagery you'd more reasonably expect to encounter in classic gothic literature..." [Read More...]
New Album News: "It's Very Exciting"

Jeff Kelly and Tom Dyer are putting the finishing touches on the new Green Pajamas album this week.  Titled, TO THE END OF THE SEA, the CD is scheduled for release in early September on the Green Monkey label wth the release date of the vinyl LP from Sugarbush Records, TBA.  The CD and vinyl releases will feature alternate cover art.





























Laura and Jeff at work.                                                                                                               Photo by Susanne.  


“It’s a kind of a return to our roots - our psychedelic origin,” states Jeff.   A conceptual album, TO THE END OF THE SEA, is heavy on hooks, vocal harmonies and ringing guitars.  Oh, and cellos, courtesy of Phil Hirschi.   

Created specifically for release on vinyl, the record is an album length medley of 18 songs, divided into two parts…sides 1 and 2.  






































Scott recording Drums.                                                                 Photo by Susanne.





























Elise poses next to Tamara Rojo.                                                                                                      Photo by dad.


Guest vocalist and daughter of cellist Phil, Elise Hirschi, sings the album title song, "To the End of the Sea," in Spanish: "Al Fin de la Mar."  "When I heard her sing I knew we had to get her on this record," says Jeff. 

As mentioned in a previous post, the PHANTOM LAKE album is still in the works but will now probably be released in early 2017.   “I just got a little side-tracked with this (TO THE END OF THE SEA) record and it became the priority," Kelly said.  "It’s very exciting.  I think people are really going to dig this a lot!”





Green Pajamas Single













The Green Pajamas are hard at work on a new album to be called PHANTOM LAKE.  In the meantime, they have released a new single, exclusively available on Bandcamp, called Red Bird.  Jeff says: "It might have been called 'I dreamed I saw Zitkala-Sa,' as that's what the song is about."  The song has the classic, guitar driven, Green Pajamas sound, clocking in at just under 4 minutes. 

 The cover art features an iconic photo of the Sioux writer, poet, teacher, activist and musician, Zitkala-Sa, taken by Gertrude Käsebier at the end of the 19th Century.

 "It's dreamy and sensual, there's no agenda," Kelly states about the song. You can listen and download ($1.00!) the new song at the St. Brigid Records Bandcamp page,  HERE


New On Bandcamp!


Jeff Kelly's Hidden Agenda album's, INDISCRETION, and, FOR THE SWAN IN THE HALLWAY, are now available to stream or buy at $7.00 each.  You can listen HERE at the Kelly/Green Pajamas St. Brigid Records Bandcamp page, which features a a growing number of albums and official bootleg recordings.

Regarding, INDISCRETION, the All Music Guide stated in 2002: "Kelly's most straightforward solo record, it's also one of his best albums period, including his Green Pajamas Records."   **** 1/2   

In 2004 Splendid e-zine said"FOR THE SWAN IN THE HALLWAY is that rare album, full of sweet melodies and unforgettable hooks, but not defined by them.  It's dark, powerful pop, guided by intelligence and powered by passion.  If you take love seriously, you're going to want this album." 


Susanne Kelly's true story of being walked home by Ted Bundy when she was six years old is the latest Fur For Fairies single, I Didn't Know (b/w Into The Woods).  Produced by Jeff, it is available to stream or buy here on the Green Monkey Records Bandcamp Page .

Susanne: "People are always horrified when I tell them that Ted Bundy walked me home from my friend’s birthday party when I was about six years old. I used this terrifying juxtaposition as framework for a song about guilt. I didn’t ever talk with my friend about how she felt after finding out her mother’s boyfriend “Ted” was Ted Bundy. I still feel guilt about that. That same birthday I cheated on a party game – guilt again. Guilt I felt as a child and guilt as an adult woman who doesn’t always do the right thing."  

You can see the beautiful (if slightly spooky video) right HERE.

"...Pre-Raphaelites and circuses might not immediately have much in common, but you get the connection when you hear the album. The Green Pajamas don't make rose-tinted psych-pop, they make sepia-tinted psych-pop, the songs acting as snapshots of 19th century realism. Only 250 copies of this album were pressed, which I expect will sell out in double quick time, so don't dawdle with those orders!" [Read More...]
Why Do Bands Stay Together?
If anyone in town knows how to foster longevity, it's Jeff Kelly. His melodious psych-rock band the Green Pajamas have existed since 1984...
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Free Halloween Song!












Jeff has just produced a new Fur For Fairies song, Into The Woods, which can be downloaded FREE!

A new electric version of the spooky Green Pajamas song from BOX OF SECRETS, it was recorded just to celebrate this Halloween.  You can get it now, a gift from FFF, at Green Monkey Records Bandcamp site right HERE.

New Green Pajamas Vinyl On Sugarbush!






GREEN PAJAMAS - "DEATH BY MISADVENTURE (SB016), limited to ONLY 250 copies, all on transluscent green vinyl.
This band from Seattle have been making records since the mid 1980s and immediately attracted a rabid following from Psych/Pop fans from all over the world. Magazines like Buckteful of Brains, Ptolemaic Terrascope have been singin their praises to high heaven ever since then. It is easy to see why. This is a simply incredible album. Releases on CD only a few years back it now makes its appearance with a revised track listing on vinyl for the first time ever. This is our most limited pressing yet and is sure to be a collectors item in a very bshort time. Grab one and get one for your friends because as you know we do not repress our releases making them exclusive items to cherish. £18.99 including postage anywhere! http:// www.sugarbushrecords.com/p/ sugarbush-records-label.htm l