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Green Monkey Records has released two brand new videos for the Fur For Fairies album.  The melancholy, bourbon-fueled lament, "Sea Of Cortez" and "If I Kissed An Angel," filmed in eastern Washington.  Both can be viewed HERE.

FUR FOR FAIRIES First Video Released

Green Monkey Records has just released the first music video by Fur For Fairies, produced by Jeff Kelly. You can watch it right here: Just Like The End Of The World.

The album is out August 21st.

Ultra-Rare Green Pajamas

Jeff is now posting "ultra-rare" Green Pajamas tracks on Facebook, starting with the never before released, "Agent 99 (Mix 1)," from 1997. He will post a new song each week. Right now, you can also hear an alternate mix of "Just A Breath Away" from SEVEN FATHOMS DOWN AND FALLING and "The Ravenna Witch no. 2," right here: The Green Pajamas Facebook.


Still from the "Like The End Of The World" video.

Susanne Kelly is FUR FOR FAIRIES on this new rock and roll album produced by Jeff Kelly.  The CD will be released in a beautiful eco wallet edition by Green Monkey Records next month.  Often, funky, hard rocking and even a little bit jazzy in places, this record is very different than Jeff and Susanne's quieter, more introspective, BY RECKLESS MOONLIGHT.  "We were listening to a lot of soul music and lots of swinging Blue Note stuff from the mid-sixties like Lou Donaldson when we recorded this," says Jeff.  "I also got a new studio set-up which enabled me to do some interesting things that I couldn't do in the past, which gives it a fresh sound." Susanne's lusty, earthy vocals also guarantee this isn't a Green Pajamas record though Jeff does sneak in some PJs like electric guitar here and there..

You can see the album/video trailer right HERE or view it on YouTube.  

You can now Like Fur For Fairies on Facebook!     


Debut album cover.



A sweet cool breeze blew in my front door Sunday afternoon as I watched Jordan Spieth win the 2015 U.S. Open golf title on Father’s Day. Somehow it reminded me of being in Seattle, 16 years earlier... [Read More...]

TWENTYFIVE is now live to stream or buy (22 songs for $7 - no charge for the 3 poems!) on The Green Pajamas Official Bootleg Page, right HERE.


The facts on: Twentyfive by Jeff Kelly, 1991. A long time ago Jeff used to record his music onto cassettes. Tons of them. Some were fun. Some were sad. Some were noisy. Some rocked. Some were Lover’s Rock. Five years before this very private release, Jeff got married. To Susanne. I was there. Some of the songs he wrote were now about Susanne. Sometimes they were recorded with Susanne, like their unreleased L7 project, or Coffee In Nepal, which I released on cassette and which has been release on CD and vinyl. They laid the ground for their 2014 beautiful By Reckless Moonlight album back then.

This is a little different. Twentyfive is twenty-two songs written and recorded about/for Susanne (plus 3 poems) in the ensuing five years of nuptial bliss, all assembled onto one cassette and given to her on her twenty-fifth birthday. Some had been released on other releases, some not. “Oh How I Love You” from Coffee In Nepal is one of Jeff's best songs of any period. Jeff made a few copies and gave them to a few people. I was one of them.


Original fold-out cassette cover

Jeff was not doing a lot musically at that point, it was a bit of a fallow period in his otherwise prolific career. I listed Twentyfive out on some Jeff Kelly Discography to make it look like Jeff was still keeping his hand in, true, if a little fluffy. Like the Green Pajamas’ Happy Halloween (which had about 10 copies made when it was originally released), its legend grew over time.

At some point around 2003/4 I was living out in Rhode Island, had acquired some digital audio tools and digitized my copy for no particular reason I can remember other than I could. I was able to get rid of some of the cassette's tape hiss (so thrilling) and burnt it to CDR. Scanned the cassette cover and made it into a CD cover. Made two copies. Sent one to Jeff. Still have my copy. 

So there you have it. A nice snapshot of the beginning of true love. 

Can’t wait until Susanne turns 50!

Tom Dyer, Seattle, June 2015


TWENTYFIVE, perhaps the most elusive Green Pajamas related album, is to be released digitally via Bandcamp.  It has never been officially released in any form before. 



Photo by Susanne, 1991


On her 25th birthday, Jeff Kelly surprised his wife with a very personal gift: a cassette tape compilation of songs, all inspired by Susanne. Often created quickly, to surprise her at the end of her day, much like love notes, most of the songs were private and never intended for public consumption.  The songs were recorded on Jeff’s Tascam 4-track cassette Portastudio between December 1985 and December 1990 and most all come from the same sonic territory as COFFEE IN NEPAL and PORTUGAL, two early cassette releases later reissued on the four CD, MELANCHOLY SUN, box set.

There are no plans for a CD version of this album.

What In The Hell Is FUR FOR FAIRIES?

Coming soon...

New On Bandcamp

Available now on The Green Pajamas Official Bootleg Page is RADIO REMIXES.  It's just what it says: remixed tracks from a KEXP broadcast in December, 2013.  The PJs play four songs live - The Lonesome End of the Lake, The Queen's Last Tango, Why Good Men Go Bad and The Red, Red Rose.  Jeff wanted to feature the accordion, cello and percussion a bit more and you can now hear the vocals clearly!  

You can stream it or own all four for 4 bucks HERE.