When Susanne Kelly finally decided to quit her mind-numbing job at a Seattle medical facility, she cleaned the toxins from her system by making a semi-psychedelic folk album, By Reckless Moonlight (Green Monkey), with her husband Jeff Kelly, the singer, songwriter and guitarist behind the Green Pajamas for more than 30 years... [Read More...]
Happy Halloween! "A Must-have"
This 77-minute CD includes the second, VERY limited (just 10 copies...) The Green Pajamas tape Happy Halloween! from 1984 released on CD for the first time. In addition to the eight tracks from that release there are 13 other tracks that the boys recorded on tape recorder in the basement rehearsal place around the same time thirty years ago... [Read More...]
Americana UK HALLOWEEN Review
Seattle's long running purveyors of psychedelic tinged power pop, Green Pajamas, have a back catalogue that could defeat all but their most dedicated fans. Initially formed in the post punk DIY early eighties by Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross their initial releases were basically home recordings issued on cassette to friends and local fans... [Read More...]
Green Monkey Records' excavation of the Green Pajamas' back catalogue has been an impressive undertaking which I'm sad to see the end of, but they go out with a bang here!... [Read More...]
REVIEW: “Happy Halloween!”
Halloween 2014 is behind us now but this album by the Green Pajamas was released before October 31st and in truth, it’s music that is non-seasonal, which is good... [Read More...]
Moonlight Review (translation)
"Coffee in Nepal" was recorded by Jeff and Susanne Kelly between 1985 and 1987 Picked by hand in a 4 track deck, would be published on cassette in 1987 and reissued on vinyl five years after giving birth to a mini-garage psychedelic cult... [Read More...]











The Green Pajamas in the autumn 1984: Jeff, Joe, Karl and Steven. 

Originally released in 1984 on cassette tape, Green Monkey Records is reissuing HAPPY HALLOWEEN! on CD just in time for Halloween 2014.  Joe Ross wrote the extensive liner notes and also compiled the 13(!) bonus tracks now available for the first time.  You can listen to, read about and order a copy of the HAPPY HALLOWEEN! CD HERE



"Haunting folk rock from Seattle singer and his wife"
Jeff Kelly is known as the leader of two Seattle bands: the enduring "Green Pajamas" with its reminiscent psychedelic rock, and "Goblin Market" with its obeisance to the excitement of Christina Rossetti's poem... [Read More...]
Seattle PI Review
There is poetry in these songs. They are the kind you will want to hear again and again... [Read More...]
elsewhere Review
Jeff and Susanne Kelly; By Reckless Moonlight (Green Monkey): The Seattle singer-songwriter and mainman behind the excellent band Green Pajamas (as well as conducting other projects outside that GP remit of '66-influenced Beatlesque pop-rock) has also appeared frequently at Elsewhere, and we never tire of hearing new projects or tapes pulled from the vaults... [Read More...]