Collecting various 45s, released over the years the prolific Pajamas, deliver a cracking new cohesive record, which could well be their finest to date and if you don’t have any of their previous records this one would make a good place to start. [Read More...]
















A new Green Pajamas album, SUPERNATURAL AFTERNOON, will be out soon on UK based, Sugarbush Records.  The album, a compilation of recent recordings and digital singles, will be released as a 12" LP on purple vinyl.  The album will not be released in CD format.  The record was produced by Jeff Kelly and features a cover drawing, Zitkala-Sa, by his wife, Susanne.  

All but one of the songs, "Ancient Lake" by Eric Lichter, are written by Jeff.  Here's the list...

Side A:

January Girl

Big Black Storm (Single version)

Who Is The Girl (Version 2)

Supernatural Afternoon

The Jailer's Song

Side B:

Kill The Power

Red Bird (Single version)

Ancient Lake

The Red, Red Rose

Raise Ravens

"The Red, Red Rose" and "Raise Ravens" are remastered tracks from the previous RED, RED ROSE CD EP on Green Monkey Records.  None of the other songs have ever been available in a physical format.   The word from Sugarbush is that this might be their best sounding Pajamas issue yet and the other three vinyl LPs, DEATH BY MISADVENTURE, IF YOU KNEW WHAT I DREAMED and TO THE END OF THE SEA, are all remarkably good pressings.


Previous Sugarbush LP releases 



























The Green Pajamas will once again open an evening with MKB Ultra on March 11th.  Jeff Kelly is a big fan of the band and the PJs are very happy to play this special show with them along with the legendary, Sage, at The Royal Room in Seattle's Columbia City.  

This will be the last Green Pajamas live date for a spell so please come early as they will go on first, at 9:00 PM!  

Advance tickets - $8.00 ($10.00 night of show) - are available here: http://www.strangertickets.com/events/41242322/mkb-ultra-w-sage-and-green-pajamas


Surprise Video Release!

The surprise, new Green Pajamas video, "Kill The Power," begins ugly and angry but ends very upbeat: It re-enforces the idea of "killing" the current fascist leaning U.S. government, by way of persistent and peaceful protest.

The digital single is out next week on Green Monkey Records.

You can see the video on YouTube or on our website right HERE.

New Video: When Juliet Smiles









The latest music video for TO THE END OF THE SEA is out now on YouTube.  Carrie Von Kiel portrays Juliet in "When Juliet Smiles" which also features Jeff as the lighthouse keeper. Laura joins Jeff performing the song in the video, directed and filmed by Susanne Kelly.  While editing, Jeff added the title - A Short Film About Loving - just a fun nod to one of his favorite directors, Krzysztof Kieslowski, and his, "A Short Film About Killing."  You can view "When Juliet Smiles" right HERE



The Upshot: A welcome return to a time when adventure and experimentation went well beyond the mindless gimmickry and superfluous trappings found in today’s more pretentious pop. [Read More...]
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A new Green Pajamas album is always cause for celebration, and "To The End Of The Sea" may well be their best for a decade... [Read More...]
"If To The End of the Sea seems like an echo of another age, it’s also a welcome return to a time when adventure and experimentation went well beyond the mindless gimmickry and superfluous trappings found in today’s more pretentious pop. This is ambition of another kind, the supple effect of a more mesmerizing kind of music." [Read More...]
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Google translation from Spanish:

Another who deserves a monument is JEFF KELLY, one of the most underrated composers ever... [Read More...]
Sea Of Secrets Video!









Sea Of Secrets is the latest video release from the album, TO THE END OF THE SEA, by The Green Pajamas. The song was written by Laura and features her and cellist, Phil Hirschi, performing the song on the edge of Puget Sound.  You can see it HERE or view it on the new facebook page, all about the album, here: TO THE END OF THE SEA.