Album Cover
Jeff Kelly
Released: Jun 4, 2015
Label: Official Bootleg (Digital)
Track Listing
1 Hearts And Flowers
2 Be Mine (Valentine)
3 The Clipper Monster
4 Days Of May
5 First Of June
6 My Sweet Love, Susanne
7 Pony And Me [Orig. Mix]
8 Note To Susanne
9 Ad-lib Owl Song
10 Oh, How I Love You
11 Dance Away
12 Falling Angels
13 The Fall [Orig. Version]
14 Song To Susanne
15 Happy Valentine's Day
16 I Love A Girl
17 Sugar Bear
18 Lily, I Love You
19 Oh, But My Love Is Beautiful
20 Maybe I Am
21 Susanne
22 Blue Dress

Liner Notes


NOTE: These recordings are presented exactly as they appeared on the original cassette tape in 1991. There has been no editing and no audio effects added. Track 21 is from a radio broadcast and the drop-out and distortion are on the original recording. 


The three poems: 




Remember the night in predawn Portland? 

We walked through the stillness like nervous cats 

Stealthy with eyes wide 

Laughing and shouting in whispers. 

Remember the town so empty? 

After overstaying our welcome at the 13 Coins 

We were banished to the silent city 

Haunted only by one howling car 

Always at our heels, 

Never once glimpsed 

We thought it would eat us. 

Remember the quiet beauty of a city asleep? 

Everything slept but us 

Even the bus-stops, paper boxes, trash cans. 

Secret things slept we couldn't see. 

Finally we reached the station - 

Locked doors 

No one 

No trains! 

We doubled back to the purgatory bus depot 

Hid there from the Greyhound police 

Watched those little TVs, 

A quarter for a quarter hour. 

Then we rose with dawn 

Found our train. 





You, who dance like thunder 

Like electric shock ballet 

Laugh in summer on the mild wind 

And listens to me strumming 

Melancholy mist-words in my 

Private electrical storm - 

Please come in 



SNOW QUEEN (28 Sept. 90) 


Nothing so beautiful as the Snow Queen 

Dancing, crazy 

Like Turkish ribbons blowing wild in the wind 

Possessed by the dusk air 

And the earth's ancient rhythms. 

When the music dies 

The gypsy's footprints look insane in the snow 

Finally, they lead to an old mandolin 

Its wood wet 

Then the two sets of footprints walk off 

Toward Argenteuil, 

Toward the winter sun. 



All songs © St.Brigid Publishing / BMI except, "Hearts and Flowers," "Pony and Me," "Oh, How I Love You," "Dance Away" and "Susanne" © Half The World Publishing / BMI. 

The three poems are © 2015 by Jeff Kelly


All songs written and performed by Jeff Kelly except, "Susanne," performed with The Green Pajamas [Karl Wilhelm (drums), Joe Ross (bass), Steven Lawrence (guitar) and Bruce Haedt (keyboard and backing vocal)], "Blue Dress," performed with Bruce Haedt (piano) and Jon Ames (cello) and, "First of June," with backing vocal by Susanne.



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