Album Cover
Of Wine And Tears: Home Recordings 1991-1996 Vol. 2
Jeff Kelly
Released: Sep 12, 2015
Track Listing
1 Vicki's Garden
2 Rough "Beauty" No. 1
3 Loving And Kissing You
4 Brilliant China Rain
5 I'll Still Dream Of You
6 Oh, That Shock Of Blonde
7 Anna (Little Flower In The Snow)
8 Little Dreams
9 Don't Break My Heart Sweet God In Heaven
10 City Of Fear
11 Jane, Jane
12 Nun Of Music
13 Song Of The Summer
14 Mabel McOstrich
15 For I'm A Man/Nobody Knows
16 Mary Anne
17 Rough "Beauty" No. 2
18 Melksham In The Rain

Liner Notes


This album is part two of a selection of songs I recorded at home between 1991 - 1996. Some were ad-libbed, unfinished ideas. Some were used as demos. Some could have been released "as is" by The Green Pajamas. All of these songs were recorded on a 4 or 8 track cassette deck, usually in one session. Some were written, recorded and mixed, all in one session. These are a few of the ones that have stuck with us over the years. -Jeff

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