Album Cover
If You Knew What I Dreamed (Vinyl LP)
The Green Pajamas
Released: Jul 1, 2016
Label: Sugarbush
Track Listing
1 Claire's Knee
2 Planet Love
3 I Wait By The River
4 Jackie
5 Emma Is Crying
6 If You Knew What I Dreamed
7 If Alison Were Here
8 Pand In The Rain
9 Where Have All The Geniuses Gone
10 Susanne
11 Little Dreams

Liner Notes

From "This release offers further evidence of the song writing genius of Jeff Kelly and the power of The Green Pajamas..."


You can buy the LP in England here: Sugarbush Records   

You can buy the LP in the U.S. here: Green Monkey Records



Active Listener Review: If You Knew What I Dreamed LP
The Active Listener
"Jeff Kelly (who has always written the majority of Green Pajamas material) is a bit of a genius, a graduate from the classic school of pop songwriting who combines Beatlesque melodies with imagery you'd more reasonably expect to encounter in classic gothic literature..." [Read More...]
Terrascope Review: If You Knew What I Dreamed LP
"It is well known that the Terrascope has had a long time love for The Green Pajamas and this release can only deepen this love as it contains live in the studio versions of some of their finest moments plus a couple of new songs..." [Read More...]
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