Album Cover
If You Knew What I Dreamed (Vinyl LP)
The Green Pajamas
Released: Jul 1, 2016
Label: Sugarbush
Track Listing
1 Claire's Knee
2 Planet Love
3 I Wait By The River
4 Jackie
5 Emma Is Crying
6 If You Knew What I Dreamed
7 If Alison Were Here
8 Pand In The Rain
9 Where Have All The Geniuses Gone
10 Susanne
11 Little Dreams

Liner Notes



You can buy the LP in England here: Sugarbush Records   

You can buy the LP in the U.S. here: Green Monkey Records

From "This release offers further evidence of the song writing genius of Jeff Kelly and the power of The Green Pajamas..."


Active Listener Review: If You Knew What I Dreamed LP
The Active Listener
"Jeff Kelly (who has always written the majority of Green Pajamas material) is a bit of a genius, a graduate from the classic school of pop songwriting who combines Beatlesque melodies with imagery you'd more reasonably expect to encounter in classic gothic literature..." [Read More...]
Terrascope Review: If You Knew What I Dreamed LP
"It is well known that the Terrascope has had a long time love for The Green Pajamas and this release can only deepen this love as it contains live in the studio versions of some of their finest moments plus a couple of new songs..." [Read More...]