Album Cover
Edge Of The Night (Unreleased Vol. 1)
The Green Pajamas
Released: May 17, 2010
Label: St. Brigid
Track Listing
1 Edge Of The Night
2 Song For Laurie
3 All I Know Is I Love You
4 All The Lost Kisses (unplugged version)
5 The Bicycle Song [There's A Darkness]
6 Under A Blood Red Sun
7 First Love
8 Valerie Rose (original version)
9 Wonderland
10 Dance In The Window 1

Liner Notes

Volume one of a projected three, Edge Of The Night, is a collection of unreleased songs recorded over the last decade.  Unedited out-takes (Laura's lead vocal on "First Love" from 2005),  early versions of songs ("Valerie Rose", app. 2002) and songs that just never found a home ("Song For Laurie" from 2004). 

Official bootleg.

Produced by Jeff Kelly.

All songs written by Jeff Kelly ©-2010 St. Brigid Publishing/BMI

Cover photo: Bruce Larson

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