Album Cover
If You Knew What I Dreamed...
The Green Pajamas
Released: Oct 19, 2007
Label: St. Brigid Records
Track Listing
1 Just Another Perfect Day
2 I Wait By The River
3 Planet Love
4 The First Rains Of September
5 Panda
6 If You Knew What I Dreamed
7 She's Such A Nice Girl
8 Claire's Knee
9 Raise Ravens
10 If Alison Were Here
11 Emma Is Crying
12 Jackie
13 Pony And Me/Still, Never Away
14 Sandy
15 Susanne
16 Little Dreams

Liner Notes

If You Knew What I Dreamed -- The Green Pajamas play the Jeff Kelly Songbook

is an album culled from Kelly's 30+ years of song-writing.  Recorded in the summer of

2007, these are all new live band arrangements of sixteen songs, some never before re-

leased on record.  The band draws from Kelly's early solo releases Baroquen Hearts, Coffee

in Nepal, Ash Wednesday Rain and beyond, as well as The Green Pajamas Book of Hours,

Indian Winter and November albums plus two  brand new songs, Claire's Knee and Raise

Ravens.  Recorded and mixed fast, these stripped down sessions (1 rock band + percus-

sionist) have an exciting and spontaneous energy, the songs themselves being the focus, 

as opposed to elaborate production of other Pajamas albums.  Jeff calls this album an

official bootleg.


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