Album Cover
Box Of Secrets: Northern Gothic 2
The Green Pajamas
Released: Oct 2, 2007
Label: Hidden Agenda
Track Listing
1 Katie's Gone
2 Until The Daylight
3 When Abigail Was 17
4 Eyes Of A Stranger
5 Wild Pony
6 Walk Hard
7 I Just Want To Be Your Friend
8 When You're Good To Me
9 Blue Eyes To Haunt Me
10 La Diable
11 Box Of Secrets
12 The Coroner's Hotel
13 Cold Love
14 Addiction
15 Hidden Lake
16 Into The Woods
16 Into The Woods

Liner Notes

"...The Green Pajamas make the kind of structurally sound, lyrically literary, and just plain beautiful pop music that’s a pop classicist’s wet dream..."  - Hiram Lucke, erasing clouds

Read the full erasing clouds review here.


From the Hidden Agenda website...

Box Of Secrets is a conceptual album, a follow up if you will to 'Northern Gothic' (Camera Obscura, 2002), with three intertwining themes running through it: local legends, characters, and personal mythology. Inspired less by arcane literature and more by The Green Pajamas three songwriters’ own childhood experiences: 70's TV movies dealing with gothic themes of murder, secrets, the supernatural; along with small town life in the Pacific Northwest, the vague setting for many of the songs is the Washington coast. The mostly fictional stories enclosed within this 'Box of Secrets' evoke a shared memory or that spooky sweet nostalgia, whether lived or not. Though the subject matter is dark, the music and songs themselves promise to be a bit more rocking and psychedelic, moreso than their last true studio album 21st Century Séance, which explored more mellow moods…

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