Album Cover
Ten White Stones
The Green Pajamas
Released: Jan 1, 2004
Label: Hidden Agenda
Track Listing
1 The Cruel Night
2 Gazelle
3 Blue Eyes To Haunt Me
4 Mrs. Cafferty
5 If You Love Me [You'll Do It]
6 Holden Caulfield
7 For S
8 [She's Still] Bewitching Me
9 Lost Girls Song
10 I Can't Help It [If I'm Still In Love WIth You]

Liner Notes

"...The centerpiece, 'For S', is one of the best songs I've heard in several years. Clocking in at over 11 minutes, it is astounding that it doesn't feel a second too long..." - Jill LaBrack, PopMatters

"...Thus we have a song like 'For S,' which stretches out to eleven and-a-half minutes, and when it's over, you feel like it was way too short. Jeff Kelly is a master at orchestrating these kinds of moments, and it's quite amazing to realize that he's been consistently doing it for two decades..." Four out of five stars.  - Mark Horan,

"There really is something here for everyone, from the die-hard fan to the curiously curious, a finely tuned balance of literacy, melody, psychedelia and good ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll..." - Phil McMullen, The Ptolemaic Terrascope

From the Hidden Agenda website...

The Artist Muses: Jeff Kelly on Ten White Stones

For many years now, The Green Pajamas has been, to a large degree, a studio project. Since the album “Strung Behind The Sun” in 1997, I’ve recorded a good deal of the music by myself. But- there has always been a Live Green Pajamas - that essential element that goes out and does the occasional live gig, for the love of it really... and also maybe the beer and cigarette money.

Anyway, it struck me recently that the current Live Green Pajamas is a better band than ever. So when a friend of ours offered to record us, live in his studio, we said yes. We would do a live show and capture it for a possible record. Well, to make a long story short, in the end I came to the conclusion- and the band agreed- that it might be more fun- and a more entertaining record- if we did some new songs, mixed with a couple of favorites from our live set. So that’s what 
this is. It’s a bit eclectic and raw and very different than the regular studio records but I think it’s good. And it gives The Live Green Pajamas, finally, a chance to be heard outside a bar room setting or the occasional Terrastock.

We did this record over two nights. The session was, by necessity, a bit spontaneous and our new drummer, Scott Vanderpool, rose to the occasion. We all did really. We had a lot of fun doing this and it’s unique in the Pajamas discography because it gives each player equal billing. And as much as I like recording alone, there is always a thrill playing music with live people, especially good friends. Especially with a little alcohol. Or a lot.

Here are some notes on the songs...

The Cruel Night
We will often start our live set with this song from “Northern Gothic.” It has a sort of supernatural pulse of its own which always gets us warmed up nicely.

There is a “studio” version of this song for the next album. But I thought this might just be a good one for the live band with it’s (rather ancient now) psychedelic leanings. This is the sort of song the live band does best.

Blue Eyes To Haunt Me
I introduced this song, at the last possible minute, in the studio. Laura heard it once in my kitchen a month o
r so before, but that’s about it. Ever-game Scott came through with some brilliant drumming I thought.

Mrs. Cafferty
Eric says this about his song: “After seeing the movie, The Hours, the lyrics came around while walking through Columbia City. Somehow over time though, they changed into something a bit more personal and focused on the idea of a mother and daughter at opposite possibilities in their lives. They are still connected in longing for a place they can't seem to find.”

If You Love Me (You’ll Do It)
Believe it or not, this was, originally, a sort of techno experiment that didn’t quite work out. But I always liked the song and thought maybe we should go with a little different feel. Whatever it is, it’s all true.

Holden Caulfield
Laura says this about her song: "At Joe's request, a song resurrected from the Capping Day (my, and Joe's, old band) archives that's about a literary character very close to my heart."

For S
Hadn’t written a love song like this for a while. Since the ‘80s really. It’s for the woman that keeps me going, keeps me (sorta) sane. (Let’s put it this way, she does the best she can do.) Some parts of this song originate from when I was a teenager in the ‘70s and it was nice to update and finally record some words and a melody that have lived only in my in my mind for 30 years! (By the way- in this song I say “I mark them with a white stone.” Admirers of Lewis Carroll might recognize the reference for he “marked” his diary with “a white stone” after a particularly good day with his muse- Alice Liddell.)

Lost Girls Song
I think “Northern Gothic” is my favorite Pajamas record and this might be, just personally, my favorite song. In fact it’s a favorite of anything I’ve ever written. I wrote this one after reading a book called- funnily enough- “Lost Girls.” Written by Andrew Pyper, it just stuck me in the way some literature does and I felt compelled to write a song about it. It’s a great modern gothic novel, no doubt about it. So I wrote the song and late one night Karl Wilhem and I recorded it- and that was that. Except that later, I got an e-mail from the author of the book! A friend of his had given him the album and he loved the song. In my mind this is the highest compliment I could ever be paid. Anyway, we still love playing this one so here it is again...

I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You)
Joe is in Japan so I’ll comment on this: he’s a big Hank Williams fan and sings many of his (Hank’s) songs in his second band Merle Haggus, so this was a sort of a natural for us. We had extra time at the end of the session and thought this would be fun. We’d never played the song before so it’s all very spontaneous (and I have to say that I really really hope Nashville doesn’t start calling and hounding me about wanting brilliant slide guitar solos after they hear this).


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