Album Cover
This Is Where We Disappear
The Green Pajamas
WOO 49
Released: Dec 3, 2001
Label: Woronzow
Track Listing
1 This Is Where We Disappear
2 Softly, Elizabeth
3 The Moorland Ghost
4 Secret Circle
5 French To Japanese
6 Matilda
7 Would You Even Say Hello
8 Something's Gone Wrong
9 Spinning Away
10 The Waitress At The Old White Lion
11 Sweet 16
12 Sweet Moth/36 Envelopes
13 Wild Desire
14 Downslide
15 The Wave [It's Becoming Very Clear]

Liner Notes

***(Outstanding)  - Stewart Lee, The Sunday Times, London

"MAGNET has spent years going blue in the face touting Seattle psych/pop outfit the Green Pajamas; no reason to stop now." - MAGNET

"...a stunning song cycle that few songwriters would even attempt and fewer bands could pull off successfully. But this one does. This is Where We Disappear is a work of such brilliance it rivals not only the Green Pajamas' best, but the best of American psychedelia." - Michael Toland, High Bias

"The Green Pajamas is one of these bands who have blessed the audience with sensational good albums throughout a period of more than fifteen years...   Amazingly beautiful, intelligent and catchy pop tunes."- Pulse Magazine

"Masterpiece" - zoopaloop



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Having released more than 20 albums between 1984 and 2009 and after almost 25 years of successful career, the Green Pajamas fairly considered by many as one of the most important neo-psychedelic bands in America and beyond. ... [Read More...]
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