Album Cover
The Carolers' Song
The Green Pajamas
Released: Nov 1, 2001
Label: Hidden Agenda
Track Listing
1 The Carolers' Song
2 She Smiles Sweetly
3 Orchid Sunshine
4 Felicity Cross
5 Abbots Bromley
6 Hush Your Violence
7 Night Boat To Gondal

Liner Notes

From the Hidden Agenda website...

Sincerely psychedelic season's greetings from Seattle outfit The Green Pajamas, one of our favorite bands ever. These seven songs explore the traditional mystique and tarnished mysticism of the Holiday season, the type of darkly personal and infinitely cosmic tapestries that The Green Pajamas crew has been artfully weaving for the better part of two decades. A collection of sweet spells and heretic hexes cast amidst some the most exquisitely narcotic psychedelic pop songs known to humankind. Owners of Parasol's Sweet 16, Volume 3 will recognize "Night Boat to Gondal," from The Carolers' Song. For you completists cross checking against previous GP releases, the complete track listing for The Carolers' Song is: "The Carolers' Song," "She Smiles Sweetly," "Orchid Sunshine," "Felicity Cross," "Abbots Bromley," "Hush Your Violence," and "Night Boat to Gondal."

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