Album Cover
Strung Out
The Green Pajamas
Released: Apr 13, 1998
Label: Camera Obscura
Track Listing
1 Non E Gran Causa
2 Lavender Tin Voices
3 Song For Tess
4 We're Flying (alternate mix)
5 Scarlet Song (original version)
6 My Dark Hour

Liner Notes

A collection of 'Strung Behind The Sun' out-takes.

From the Camera Obscura website...

This new CDEP from the reborn Green Pajamas, co-released with the band's own Endgame label, comprises previously unreleased material from the sessions for the 1997 Camera Obscura release "Strung Behind the Sun". We hesitate to use the word "out-takes" because of the way that that phrase tends to connote the idea of a quick cash-in on second rate material, and there is certainly not a novelty track, cover version, or failed experiment in earshot of "Strung Out". Things kick-off with a quick and head clearing instrumental which leads into a new Eric Lichter tune "Lavender Tin Voices" (place it on the mantelpiece next to his masterful "Glass Tambourine" and "Scarlet Song"). Elsewhere you'll find remarkable ultra-blissed reworkings of the album tracks "Scarlet Song" (string-driven Wilson-esque lushness) and "We're Flying" (even more lysergically soaring than the original), and two new Jeff Kelly songs ("Song for Tess" and "My Dark Hour") so memorable that it is possible to imagine entire albums being constructed around them. 

Strung Behind the Sun" reintroduced The Green Pajamas into a musical landscape crying out for the cool rain of classic 60s-inspired pop-psych song craft, and the contemporaneous release of the "Indian Winter" singles compilation on Get Hip Records seems to reinforce the notion that the band has entered a new cycle in its lengthy existence, and many bright things lay before it.

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