Album Cover
Strung Behind The Sun
The Green Pajamas
CAM005CD / SB05D
Released: Aug 15, 1997
Label: Camera Obscura / St. Brigid
Track Listing
1 The Elusive Dr. D.
2 Doctor Dragonfly
3 Tomorrow Will Bring Rain
4 Graduation Day
5 Song For Andrew And Paul / The Brain I Realize
6 Secret Day
7 Three Way Conversation
8 When The Summer Said Goodby
9 Tumbledown Tess
10 Glass Tambourine
11 Dying To Love You
12 We're Flying
13 The Elusive Dr. D. [Third Verse]
14 Scarlet Song
15 Sandy

Liner Notes

"With its Art Tatum shuffle, ghostly imagery and Middle East-meets-Middle England vibe, it's as fleeting and special as a dream about the most magical hippie summer you never had." One of the "Top 10 neglected American classics"  - Tom Cox, The Guardian Unlimited

**** "...gorgeously written and orchestrated..."  - Nitsuh Abebe, All Music Guide

" album of...breadth and visionary beauty...a perfect amalgam of all the best elements of Green Pajamas' music, and to a few of us at least the band have no equal. By that measure this album is a masterpiece."  - Ptolemaic Terrascope 24

Beautifully recorded and particularly nice with an early evening rainstorm." - Popwatch #9

From the Camera Obscura website...

The first new full-length CD of the Green Pajamas' 60s influenced psych-pop since Green Monkey/Bomp released the truly excellent "Ghost of Love" in 1990. Main songwriter Jeff Kelly has always been one of the US’s finest practitioners of the psychedelic pop song, and over the last few years his songwriting has reached dazzling maturity and depth, as showcased in his most recent solo album "Ash Wednesday Rain". Believing that "Ghosts of Love" was the Green Pajamas "Rubber Soul" and that Kelly and Co still had a "Revolver" in them waiting to be drawn out, Camera Obscura approached Green Pajamas to coax them out of their semi-retirement. The result is "Strung Behind the Sun".

Over the course of 15 songs, the Pajamas stage the biggest comeback since Lazarus, and show why no-one can touch them in their chosen genre. "Strung Behind the Sun" is a dazzling ray fired into the prism of psychedelia refracting off in all directions. Lyrically, it is a winter record, and one imagines long creative afternoons spent in Seattle coffeehouses under siege from the rain. The listener is treated to songs about snow and Madonna complexes, family and strangers, love and loss. Standout Kelly’s tracks "The Brain I Realize" updating "I am the Walrus" and "Tumbledown Tess", written in the wake of his father’s death. Other band members also contribute in fine style, Joe Ross’s "anthemic "Graduation Day", and Eric Lichter’s "Scarlet Song" which climaxes the album.









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