Album Cover
Jeff Kelly
Released: Jan 1, 2002
Label: Hidden Agenda
Track Listing
1 Indiscretion
2 Somebody's Daughter
3 The Jailer's Song
4 Cruel Velvet Sea
5 Balthus, King Of Cats
6 Ambrosio's Song (She Looks Like Mary)
7 The White Witch
8 Mrs. Newton
9 The Ghosts Of Holy Rosary
10 His Soul To Take

Liner Notes

" extremely powerful work of art that stands strongly in a catalogue filled with intelligent and pleasurable musical works."  - Dave Heaton, PopMatters

"Kelly's muse is an excellent example of low brow populist art meeting high concept.  Unparalled and unique, Indiscretion is to be savoured heart, mind and soul." (A) - powerpop

**** 1/2   "Kelly's most straightforward solo record, it's also one of his best albums period, including his Green Pajamas Records." - Stewart Mason, All Music Guide



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