Album Cover
Beneath Far Gondal's Foreign Sky
The Goblin Market
Released: Mar 2, 2012
Label: Green Monkey Records
Track Listing
1 The Night Is Darkening Around Me
2 Remembrance
3 The Lock
4 The Night Wind
5 Tell Me, Tell Me
6 Song (The Linnet In The Rocky Dells)
7 High Waving Heather
8 If This Be All
9 The Moorland Ghost
10 A Reminiscence
11 Love Song (Beneath Far Gondal's Foreign Sky)
12 A Lonely Thing

Liner Notes

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From the Green Monkey website...

The Goblin Market is a long-time side project of Green Pajamas members Laura Weller and Jeff Kelly. The music draws inspiration from both art and literature. The duo’s third and latest album, Beneath Far Gondal’s Foreign Sky, takes another foray into 19th century England with a focus on the work of the Bronte sisters, primarily on Emily, author of Wuthering Heights. First 500 copies numbered and initialed by the artists! 


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We present today a work of love, a musical album inspired by the poems of the Brontës, particularly but not only, Emily Brontë. It's reallyenlightening to read Jeff Kelly's Brontëiteness confession. We are pretty sure that plenty of our readers will recognise themselves in things like...
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Jeff Kelly: Imagine then my shock while in 1999 touring their home, now a museum, and seeing an actual lock of Emily’s hair...
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“The lonely nights above the graves, it brushed against your face/if I could, I’d touch it, steal it from this place” is one of many moving lines to be found on Beneath Far Gondal’s’ Foreign Sky... [Read More...]
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Technically a side project from Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller of the Green Pajamas, the Goblin Market allegedly concentrates more on Kelly's penchant for gothic themes and atmosphere over psychedelic melody and whimsy... [Read More...]
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First off, about this Goblin Market thing. I get that Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller probably started this side project of Green Pajamas thinking that they wanted to distance themselves from the Pajamas, that the separation would avoid confusion... [Read More...]
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