Album Cover
Summer of Lust
The Green Pajamas
CD GM1013
Released: May 13, 2012
Label: Green Monkey Records
Track Listing
1 Katie Lied
2 Anna Maria
3 My Mad Kitty
4 Another One Of Those Nights
5 I Feel That Way All The Time
6 Lost In A World
7 Mike Brown
8 I Feel Like A Murder
9 The Way I Feel About You
10 Dance With The Angels
11 In This Castle
12 With A Flower In Her Hair
13 Green Pajamas
14 Summer Of Lust Commercial
15 The Dreams Inside A Butterfly's Mind

Liner Notes

Produced by Jeff Kelly & Joe Ross
Recorded/mixed in June & July 1984

JEFF KELLY: guitars, vocals, drums, bass, organ, percussion, melodica, mandolin, clavichord
JOE ROSS: bass, vocals, guitar, percussion, zither, bagpipe chanter, snare drum, banjo
KARL WILHELM: drums on tracks 12 &13 JOE BAUER: drums on tracks 1, 4 & 11
Thanks to everyone who sang at the Pajama Party: Melody, Colleen, Sheila and the rest of the gang. 
“I Feel Like A Murder” was recorded in a field featuring Julie on waste basket.

CD mastering: Tom Dyer March 2012
Front cover photo: Kari Dunn.
Back photos: Kirsten Wilhelm
Inside photos: Jeff & Joe
Design: Joe Ross




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I have no idea who Mike Brown is or was, but how cool would it be to have had a song written about you? The Green Pajamas, in their amoeba phase, did just that--- wrote a song about a Mike Brown. Or maybe not. Maybe Jeff Kelly just liked the name and the way it sounded, but what the hell? It would still be cool. I can envision in my head 25 or 30 Mike Browns walking around Seattle back in 1984 claiming that that song was, indeed, written about them. Even the uncool ones no one wanted to be like. Immortality can be a hopeful thing... [Read More...]
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