Album Cover
Death By Misadventure
The Green Pajamas
Released: Jul 24, 2012
Label: Green Monkey Records
Track Listing
1 You Can't Look
2 Ring Around The Sun
3 The Universe Is Full Of Noise
4 Sky Blue Balloon
5 The Queen's Last Tango
6 Silk's Last Hour
7 The Queen Bee Is Dead
8 Wrong Home
9 A Piece Of A Dream
10 Carrie
11 2nd To The Reward
12 Beat Me Sally
13 Supervirgin
14 Christabel
15 In The Moonlight Dim
16 The Spell


"...Pre-Raphaelites and circuses might not immediately have much in common, but you get the connection when you hear the album. The Green Pajamas don't make rose-tinted psych-pop, they make sepia-tinted psych-pop, the songs acting as snapshots of 19th century realism. Only 250 copies of this album were pressed, which I expect will sell out in double quick time, so don't dawdle with those orders!" [Read More...]
Albums To Cherish: Death By Misadventure
At the outset, I am quite prepared to accept that this band is an acquired taste, but it is a taste I came to love fairly quickly... [Read More...]
"Everything you wanted, all at once..."
The Afterword
What's it called?: Death By Misadventure What does it sound like?: Everything you wanted, all at once, with a Cadbury's Flake stuck in the top. If you know who the Jammies are, then you'll hie yourself to the market to grab yourself a copy toot sweet, because you are a person of extraordinary refinement... [Read More...]
Frank Gutch Jr: The Best of 2012
The Green Pajamas are, in my world, one of the most musical and creative rock bands... [Read More...]
Terrascope Reviews Death
The Ptolemaic Terrascope
To be honest I have had this album for several weeks and it has taken several plays to fully appreciate its beauty and strength as it seems more obscure and dense than the other albums I own by the band... [Read More...]
A Great "Death" Review
Americana U.K.
‘Death By Misadventure’ is a wacky exercise in psychedelia. A beautiful, crazy concept album about the life cycle of a bee colony (kind of). Quirky? Yep. Dark and tormented. Indeed. Oh, and it’s the 30th album by Seattle stalwarts and psychedelic enthusiasts The Green Pajamas. It’s starting to make sense now… [Read More...]
Misadventure Review in Dutch
Begin jaren tachtig waren Jeff Kelly en Joe Ross vast besloten in hun thuishaven Seattle een eigen versie van de toen in Los Angeles populaire paisley undergroundbeweging te starten... [Read More...]
Psychotropic: Summer Of Lust & Death By Misadventure
Psychotropic Zone
The story of Seattle-based The Green Pajamas started in 1984 when Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross recorded a pile of songs on a 4-track reel-to-reel up in Joe’s attic and released them on tape as Summer of Lust... [Read More...]
Death By Misadventure Review
The Active Listener
It's doubtful whether there are any other acts out there who have amassed as impressive a body of work, while reaching so few as Seattle's long running Green Pajamas... [Read More...]
REVIEW: “Death By Misadventure”
This Is Book's Music
There is really no reason why The Green Pajamas should not have the same kind of popularity that bands like Wilco and Pearl Jam have had and gained over the years. Here’s why... [Read More...]
Report: Green Pajamas Live in Seattle
In a creative frenzy whose sheer volume almost rivals the Beatles at their most prolific, the Green Pajamas have been on a roll that might be the envy of any Las Vegas crapshooter... [Read More...]
Death By Misadventure Review from Blurt
Blurt Online
After nearly three decades of consistently high quality psychedelicfolkgothpowerpoprock, the Green Pajamas enter the world of the longform narrative... [Read More...]
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