Album Cover
By Reckless Moonlight
Jeff and Susanne Kelly
Released: Jul 1, 2014
Label: Green Monkey Records
Track Listing
1 A Girls Game
2 In Vanda's Room
3 David
4 Cry, Cry, Maria Cry
5 The Witch Of The Lake
6 Fly Girl
7 Rowboat To The Moon
8 Robin Song
9 The Loneliest Soul
10 Never Tell
11 I'd Rather Be Filming In Vanda's Room
12 Coming To Find You
13 Honey Please Come Home

Liner Notes

From the Green Monkey website: This follow-up to 1987's long out-of-print "Coffee In Nepal" album, done in a more sophisticated fashion as one might expect twenty-five years later, rings true to their first collaboration and illustrates the essential nature of the Kelly’s shared artistic life. Beautiful.


Coffee By Reckless Moonlight (Get out your Greek dictionaries)
marmalade radio show
Κάπου ανάμεσα στο εκπληκτικό δεύτερο (Book Of Hours) και το τρίτο (Ghosts Of Love) album των Green Pajamas, o Jeff Kelly, κιθαρίστας και τραγουδιστής τους, ηχογραφεί μία κασέτα για την Green Monkey Records... [Read More...]
Magnet Magazine
When Susanne Kelly finally decided to quit her mind-numbing job at a Seattle medical facility, she cleaned the toxins from her system by making a semi-psychedelic folk album, By Reckless Moonlight (Green Monkey), with her husband Jeff Kelly, the singer, songwriter and guitarist behind the Green Pajamas for more than 30 years... [Read More...]
Moonlight Review (translation)
Atalho De Sons
"Coffee in Nepal" was recorded by Jeff and Susanne Kelly between 1985 and 1987 Picked by hand in a 4 track deck, would be published on cassette in 1987 and reissued on vinyl five years after giving birth to a mini-garage psychedelic cult... [Read More...]
"Haunting folk rock from Seattle singer and his wife"
Americana U.K.
Jeff Kelly is known as the leader of two Seattle bands: the enduring "Green Pajamas" with its reminiscent psychedelic rock, and "Goblin Market" with its obeisance to the excitement of Christina Rossetti's poem... [Read More...]
Seattle PI Review
There is poetry in these songs. They are the kind you will want to hear again and again... [Read More...]
By Reckless Moonlight Review
This Is Book's Music
If you’re a fan of the Seattle band the Green Pajamas, you should know who Jeff Kelly is. If you’ve been a fan of theirs since the 80′s, you may have heard of an album Jeff did with his then-new wive Susanne called Coffee In Nepal... [Read More...]
elsewhere Review
Jeff and Susanne Kelly; By Reckless Moonlight (Green Monkey): The Seattle singer-songwriter and mainman behind the excellent band Green Pajamas (as well as conducting other projects outside that GP remit of '66-influenced Beatlesque pop-rock) has also appeared frequently at Elsewhere, and we never tire of hearing new projects or tapes pulled from the vaults... [Read More...]
Blurt's Moonlight Review
Putting the Green Pajamas on hold for a minute, prolific Seattle singer/songwriter Jeff Kelly teams with his painter/singer wife Suzanne for By Reckless Moonlight, a semi-sequel to the pair’s 1987 wedding album Coffee in Nepal... [Read More...]
Terrascope Interview with Jeff and Susanne
The Ptolemaic Terrascope
Green Monkey seem to be marketing the new album as a Coffee In Nepal sequel, but I didn’t really get that vibe. It doesn’t seem to be a concept album and doesn’t really reconnect with any of the themes or songs on that album. Do you consider this “Coffee II” and if so, what is the connection? [Read More...]
The Terrascope Review: By Reckless Moonlight
The Ptolemaic Terrascope
Jeff and Susanne Kelly met approximately 28 years ago and Susanne provided backing vocals and inspiration for many of the tracks on Jeff’s second solo release, Coffee In Nepal, originally released on cassette by Green Monkey in 1987. The world has changed considerably in the intervening decades during which Jeff released over 30 albums... [Read More...]
New LP from Green Pajamas’ Jeff & Suzanne Kelly
By Reckless Moonlight is the second collaborative album from Jeff and Susanne Kelly of beloved Seattle pop-sike band the Green Pajamas. It’s the way, way, way overdue to 1987’s cult-fave Coffee in Nepal [Read More...]
“Jeff & susanne Kelly” by leslie snyder
Elephant Talk
The mysteries of life will come out of Seattle, Washington from an independent rock duo which happens to be a married couple named Jeff & Susanne Kelly. This open minded couple sings songs about human emotion such as misery, romance, and adultery... [Read More...]
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