All Clues now available on-line

And you thought The Beatles on iTunes was big news!  Well, perhaps the most popular Green Pajamas album of all time is finally available for download.  All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed, originally released on CD in December 1998 on Camera Obscura Records will be ready for purchase digitally via iTunes in the first week of December.  (Soon to follow will be eMusic, Napster and Amazon mp3.)

Produced by Jeff and Joe, it is perhaps the group's true psychedelic masterpiece.  With rough and rollicking bass and electric guitar riffs, wild and distorted keyboard sounds and Beatlesque harmonies that fairly jump out of the speakers at you, this was and is one of the most successful albums for band and label and it made many a "best" list in 1999.  

St. Brigid Records is very happy to make it available for download.   

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