Eric's Wild Aim

Eric Lichter's Picture Day album is the current Green Monkey Records "Album of the Month." From the G.M.R. website:

"Gentle and glorious greetings –

It is February, the month football ends and more importantly, the month of love. And when you think love, I know you first think Picture Day. In January, we paid tribute to the sixties and Jerden Records. This month we go back to the halcyon days of 2010. Eric Lichter has been the new guy in The Green Pajamas for 10 years or so (okay, okay, Scott is newer – so what?) and has been a contributing songwriter as well as player. He writes more stuff than he can shoehorn onto a PJs album and has put out a solo album or two, including the lovely Palm Wine Sunday Blue. Mr. Lichter decided to do another, enlisting among others, his old band mate from The Life, Jimm McIver. The result isPicture Day. Tuneful. Understated. Direct or perhaps oblique. You can check ‘em out on MySpace or go right out and buy ‘em at CDbaby. Buy two."

You can listen to the Album of the Month here:


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