LIVE '98 Unreleased Vol. 2

We are pleased to announce a new website, THE GREEN PAJAMAS OFFICIAL BOOTLEG PAGE.  Over time, one will find releases unavailable elsewhere and geared toward those who might have most everything released on CD but desire a deeper exploration into the band's music and history.  Downloads will come with 300 dpi (high print quality), two page artwork.

The first release, LIVE '98 Unreleased Vol. 2, is available now through PayPal.   As the title states, it is a live radio broadcast from 1998, concentrating on songs from "Strung Behind The Sun" and "Indian Winter," recently edited by Jeff.  Seven songs available for $7.00 with cover art inspired by 1998's "All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed."  

Track list:

Gothic Funk

3-Way Conversation

Graduation Day

Dr. Dragonfly / Song For Christina (medley)

Kim The Waitress

Any Time Of Day

Dying To Love You


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