Most Listened to Records of 2013

Just for fun, here is a list of the Green Pajamas' most listened to records of 2013.  Another eclectic, unpredictable mix...

Laura -

Boards of Canada: Tomorrow's Harvest

Bat For Lashes: The Haunted Man

Caleb Burhans: Evensong

Wavves: Afraid of Heights

La Luz: It's Alive

Eric -

Lyla Foy  


A Great Big World

Ellie Goulding

Phil -


Arcade Fire: Reflektor  

Joe -


"In 2013 Jasmine Records released a double CD containing all of Jimmy

Reed's singles for Vee Jay Records from 1953-1961. Nice liner notes, great

songs (25 singles, As & Bs) and you can really hear his influence on early

60s British blues and Dylan."

"Someone that I discovered this year, although it's not new (he died in

2009) is Vic Chessnutt.  Particularly this album, Dark Developments, which

is a collaboration with Elf Power from 2008."

Jeff -



Yasmine Hamdan: Ya Nass

Syd Arthur: On An ON

George Jones: 50 Years of Hits

Caravan: The World Is Yours: Anthology 1968-1976

Tamikrest: Chatma

Emmylou Harris: Red Dirt Girl

Lorde: Pure Heroine

Natalia Kills: Trouble 

Tame Impala: Inner Speaker

Mothers of Invention: Whole 1960’s catalogue!


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