New Album News: "It's Very Exciting"

Jeff Kelly and Tom Dyer are putting the finishing touches on the new Green Pajamas album this week.  Titled, TO THE END OF THE SEA, the CD is scheduled for release in early September on the Green Monkey label wth the release date of the vinyl LP from Sugarbush Records, TBA.  The CD and vinyl releases will feature alternate cover art.





























Laura and Jeff at work.                                                                        Photo by Susanne.  


“It’s a kind of a return to our roots - our psychedelic origin,” states Jeff.   A conceptual album, TO THE END OF THE SEA, is heavy on hooks, vocal harmonies and ringing guitars.  Oh, and cellos, courtesy of Phil Hirschi.   

Created specifically for release on vinyl, the record is an album length medley of 18 songs, divided into two parts…sides 1 and 2.  





































Scott recording Drums.                                     Photo by Susanne.





























Elise poses next to Tamara Rojo.                                                                Photo by dad.


Guest vocalist and daughter of cellist Phil, Elise Hirschi, sings the album title song, "To the End of the Sea," in Spanish: "Al Fin de la Mar."  "When I heard her sing I knew we had to get her on this record," says Jeff. 

As mentioned in a previous post, the PHANTOM LAKE album is still in the works but will now probably be released in early 2017.   “I just got a little side-tracked with this (TO THE END OF THE SEA) record and it became the priority," Kelly said.  "It’s very exciting.  I think people are really going to dig this a lot!”





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