New Bootlegs!

2015 will see several updates to the Green Pajamas "official bootleg" discography, available on their Bandcamp website, starting with, LIVE '99 and LIVE '04, released today, and both available for $5.00.

  LIVE '99       LIVE '04

LIVE '99 is a boombox recording from a Friday night at Seattle's Sit And Spin tavern.  The edited performance is loud and raw and features rare live recordings of PJ's standards at the time, "Rattlesnake Kiss" and "Queen Of Sunshine," both of which have not been performed by the Pajamas for many years now. There is also a stunning, "Any Time Of Day," clocking in at about 9 minutes.  But, be forewarned, sound quality is strictly for fans!  LIVE '04, is a subtler set, featuring the lesser performed, "Secret Circle," "Christine Crystaline," and "When You're Good To Me."  This recording is probably from a board/audience mix and sounds pretty great loud in headphones - Jeff says it's "a little bit like being up on stage with the band when you turn it up."  Both recordings feature his CDR cover art, originally printed only for the five Green Pajamas members.

You can stream or buy these recordings at the their website here: Green Pajamas Official Bootleg Page.    



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