New Green Pajamas Vinyl On Sugarbush!






 Sugarbush Records   


GREEN PAJAMAS - "DEATH BY MISADVENTURE (SB016), limited to ONLY 250 copies, all on transluscent green vinyl.

This band from Seattle have been making records since the mid 1980s and immediately attracted a rabid following from Psych/Pop fans from all over the world. Magazines like Buckteful of Brains, Ptolemaic Terrascope have been singin their praises to high heaven ever since then. It is easy to see why. This is a simply incredible album. Releases on CD only a few years back it now makes its appearance with a revised track listing on vinyl for the first time ever. This is our most limited pressing yet and is sure to be a collectors item in a very bshort time. Grab one and get one for your friends because as you know we do not repress our releases making them exclusive items to cherish. £18.99 including postage anywhere! http:// sugarbush-records-label.htm l

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