New On Bandcamp!


Jeff Kelly's Hidden Agenda album's, INDISCRETION, and, FOR THE SWAN IN THE HALLWAY, are now available to stream or buy at $7.00 each.  You can listen HERE at the Kelly/Green Pajamas St. Brigid Records Bandcamp page, which features a a growing number of albums and official bootleg recordings.

Regarding, INDISCRETION, the All Music Guide stated in 2002: "Kelly's most straightforward solo record, it's also one of his best albums period, including his Green Pajamas Records."   **** 1/2   

In 2004 Splendid e-zine said"FOR THE SWAN IN THE HALLWAY is that rare album, full of sweet melodies and unforgettable hooks, but not defined by them.  It's dark, powerful pop, guided by intelligence and powered by passion.  If you take love seriously, you're going to want this album." 

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