Tony Dale, 1958 - 2010

Tony and Jeff, Seattle, November 2000

Tony Dale, founder of Camera Obscura Records, has died.  On August 2, he lost a long battle with cancer.  Tony was directly responsible for the release of over 85 albums by an extremely varied group of bands on the Camera Obscura label.  He released music that he believed in with no regard to fashion or trends.  Hence, a label of extreme high art and individuality.  He will be missed by many, very much.  

Tony called Jeff in 1996 and asked about releasing something by The Green Pajamas.  What followed was a long and fruitful partnership: Strung Behind The Sun, All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed, Narcotic Kisses and Northern Gothic were all conceived with Tony's strong encouragement and support.  The conceptual Goblin Market records, Ghostland and Haunted, were also warmly embraced by the visionary label head.  One of Tony's most ambitious ideas was the 4 CD set of Jeff's home recordings, Melancholy Sun, released in October of 1999.  Jeff writes: "If he believed in something, he would find a way to do it.  Sometimes I would write him with some crazy idea and he would come back and top it with an even crazier idea.  No thought as to how many we'd sell - this was about art and beauty and the proper representation of the music he loved."   

The last Green Pajamas album released on Camera Obscura was the vinyl LP, Hidden Minutes. 

The Kelly Gang: Joe, Jeff, Carol and Tony Dale, Seattle, November 2000 


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