TWENTYFIVE, perhaps the most elusive Green Pajamas related album, is to be released digitally via Bandcamp.  It has never been officially released in any form before. 



Photo by Susanne, 1991


On her 25th birthday, Jeff Kelly surprised his wife with a very personal gift: a cassette tape compilation of songs, all inspired by Susanne. Often created quickly, to surprise her at the end of her day, much like love notes, most of the songs were private and never intended for public consumption.  The songs were recorded on Jeff’s Tascam 4-track cassette Portastudio between December 1985 and December 1990 and most all come from the same sonic territory as COFFEE IN NEPAL and PORTUGAL, two early cassette releases later reissued on the four CD, MELANCHOLY SUN, box set.

There are no plans for a CD version of this album.

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