Volume Two Now Available: OF WINE AND TEARS















OF WINE AND TEARS: HOME RECORDINGS 1991-1996 VOL. 2 is now available on Bandcamp.  This is another 18 song collection, part two of a personal selection of 36 unreleased recordings.  Jeff states: "This is the stuff that lead up to STRUNG BEHIND THE SUN in 1997.  A lot of these tracks were written and recorded in that same way. A lot of the the arrangements are loose and spontaneous, sometimes goofy, sometimes good.  Sometimes I had a written song, sometimes only a germ of an idea and sometimes, no idea at all when I would sit down at my keyboard to record.  I was lucky most of the old cassettes I dug out still sounded pretty good after sitting in a drawer for 20 years!"  

OF WINE AND TEARS is available HERE.  

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