The facts on: Twentyfive by Jeff Kelly, 1991. A long time ago Jeff used to record his music onto cassettes. Tons of them. Some were fun. Some were sad. Some were noisy. Some rocked. Some were Lover’s Rock. Five years before this very private release, Jeff got married. To Susanne. I was there. Some of the songs he wrote were now about Susanne. Sometimes they were recorded with Susanne, like their unreleased L7 project, or Coffee In Nepal, which I released on cassette and which has been release on CD and vinyl. They laid the ground for their 2014 beautiful By Reckless Moonlight album back then.

This is a little different. Twentyfive is twenty-two songs written and recorded about/for Susanne (plus 3 poems) in the ensuing five years of nuptial bliss, all assembled onto one cassette and given to her on her twenty-fifth birthday. Some had been released on other releases, some not. “Oh How I Love You” from Coffee In Nepal is one of Jeff's best songs of any period. Jeff made a few copies and gave them to a few people. I was one of them.


Original fold-out cassette cover

Jeff was not doing a lot musically at that point, it was a bit of a fallow period in his otherwise prolific career. I listed Twentyfive out on some Jeff Kelly Discography to make it look like Jeff was still keeping his hand in, true, if a little fluffy. Like the Green Pajamas’ Happy Halloween (which had about 10 copies made when it was originally released), its legend grew over time.

At some point around 2003/4 I was living out in Rhode Island, had acquired some digital audio tools and digitized my copy for no particular reason I can remember other than I could. I was able to get rid of some of the cassette's tape hiss (so thrilling) and burnt it to CDR. Scanned the cassette cover and made it into a CD cover. Made two copies. Sent one to Jeff. Still have my copy. 

So there you have it. A nice snapshot of the beginning of true love. 

Can’t wait until Susanne turns 50!

Tom Dyer, Seattle, June 2015


TWENTYFIVE is now live to stream or buy (22 songs for $7 - no charge for the 3 poems!) on The Green Pajamas Official Bootleg Page, right HERE.


TWENTYFIVE, perhaps the most elusive Green Pajamas related album, is to be released digitally via Bandcamp.  It has never been officially released in any form before. 



Photo by Susanne, 1991


On her 25th birthday, Jeff Kelly surprised his wife with a very personal gift: a cassette tape compilation of songs, all inspired by Susanne. Often created quickly, to surprise her at the end of her day, much like love notes, most of the songs were private and never intended for public consumption.  The songs were recorded on Jeff’s Tascam 4-track cassette Portastudio between December 1985 and December 1990 and most all come from the same sonic territory as COFFEE IN NEPAL and PORTUGAL, two early cassette releases later reissued on the four CD, MELANCHOLY SUN, box set.

There are no plans for a CD version of this album.

New On Bandcamp

Available now on The Green Pajamas Official Bootleg Page is RADIO REMIXES.  It's just what it says: remixed tracks from a KEXP broadcast in December, 2013.  The PJs play four songs live - The Lonesome End of the Lake, The Queen's Last Tango, Why Good Men Go Bad and The Red, Red Rose.  Jeff wanted to feature the accordion, cello and percussion a bit more and you can now hear the vocals clearly!  

You can stream it or own all four for 4 bucks HERE.

What In The Hell Is FUR FOR FAIRIES?

Coming soon...

STRUNG OUT On Bandcamp!

You can now, for the first time, stream or download the 1998 E.P. STRUNG OUT on Bandcamp.  Originaly co-released on CD by Joe Ross' Endgame Records and Tony Dale's Camera Obscura Records, STRUNG OUT consists of outtakes from 1997's STRUNG BEHIND THE SUN album.

Track listing:

Non E Gran Causa

Lavender Tin Voices

Song For Tess (Orig. Version)

We're Flying (Alt. Mix)

Scarlet Song (Strung Out Version)

My Dark Hour

You can hear it all right HERE.


New Bootlegs!

2015 will see several updates to the Green Pajamas "official bootleg" discography, available on their Bandcamp website, starting with, LIVE '99 and LIVE '04, released today, and both available for $5.00.

  LIVE '99       LIVE '04

LIVE '99 is a boombox recording from a Friday night at Seattle's Sit And Spin tavern.  The edited performance is loud and raw and features rare live recordings of PJ's standards at the time, "Rattlesnake Kiss" and "Queen Of Sunshine," both of which have not been performed by the Pajamas for many years now. There is also a stunning, "Any Time Of Day," clocking in at about 9 minutes.  But, be forewarned, sound quality is strictly for fans!  LIVE '04, is a subtler set, featuring the lesser performed, "Secret Circle," "Christine Crystaline," and "When You're Good To Me."  This recording is probably from a board/audience mix and sounds pretty great loud in headphones - Jeff says it's "a little bit like being up on stage with the band when you turn it up."  Both recordings feature his CDR cover art, originally printed only for the five Green Pajamas members.

You can stream or buy these recordings at the their website here: Green Pajamas Official Bootleg Page.    














The Green Pajamas in the autumn 1984: Jeff, Joe, Karl and Steven. 

Originally released in 1984 on cassette tape, Green Monkey Records is reissuing HAPPY HALLOWEEN! on CD just in time for Halloween 2014.  Joe Ross wrote the extensive liner notes and also compiled the 13(!) bonus tracks now available for the first time.  You can listen to, read about and order a copy of the HAPPY HALLOWEEN! CD HERE



I'd Rather Be Filming In Vanda's Room

Susanne Kelly's pissed off statement about working a 'souless day job,' is on our video page, here, or on YouTube, here.   "I wanted to make it gritty," says Jeff.  Starring, among other cats, her brother, John (late of Brewtal Thirst), on Rickenbacker bass guitar.


For a long time, Jeff and Susanne had talked about doing a sort of follow-up to their 1987 COFFEE IN NEPAL, an album that they had recorded in the early days of their romance.  Now, 27 years after COFFEE, Green Monkey Records is releasing BY RECKLESS MOONLIGHT, featuring 13 songs, a 12-page booklet with song lyrics, artwork by Susanne and photography by Carrie Von Kiel.  Jeff will write an information page for the Green Monkey website in the coming weeks.

LUST in Spain!


Joe and Jeff making SOL, 1984.

For those collectors that find it hard to keep up with the Pajamas discography, here's a new challenge. Vinilísssimo Records, of Spain has just released the SUMMER OF LUST LP on 180 gram vinyl!  


Live At The Sunset Saturday Night

Rehearsing in West Seattle.  Photo by Eric. 

The Green Pajamas will perform this Saturday, March 8th, at a KEXP benefit for Nick of Time Foundation which is dedicated to educating schools, athletes, families and communities about Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  The Pajamas will open the show at 9 o'clock followed by the bands, Campfire OK and Tango Alpha Tango at Ballard's Sunset Tavern.   

Most Listened to Records of 2013

Just for fun, here is a list of the Green Pajamas' most listened to records of 2013.  Another eclectic, unpredictable mix...

Laura -

Boards of Canada: Tomorrow's Harvest

Bat For Lashes: The Haunted Man

Caleb Burhans: Evensong

Wavves: Afraid of Heights

La Luz: It's Alive

Eric -

Lyla Foy  


A Great Big World

Ellie Goulding

Phil -


Arcade Fire: Reflektor  

Joe -


"In 2013 Jasmine Records released a double CD containing all of Jimmy

Reed's singles for Vee Jay Records from 1953-1961. Nice liner notes, great

songs (25 singles, As & Bs) and you can really hear his influence on early

60s British blues and Dylan."

"Someone that I discovered this year, although it's not new (he died in

2009) is Vic Chessnutt.  Particularly this album, Dark Developments, which

is a collaboration with Elf Power from 2008."

Jeff -



Yasmine Hamdan: Ya Nass

Syd Arthur: On An ON

George Jones: 50 Years of Hits

Caravan: The World Is Yours: Anthology 1968-1976

Tamikrest: Chatma

Emmylou Harris: Red Dirt Girl

Lorde: Pure Heroine

Natalia Kills: Trouble 

Tame Impala: Inner Speaker

Mothers of Invention: Whole 1960’s catalogue!


Stream The Pajamas on KEXP

If you missed the live broadcast of The Green Pajamas playing on KEXP's Audioasis you can stream it now.  Select December 28th at 8:30 PM: Audioasis

Photo by Eric.

PJs on KEXP's Flickr Page

You can see Mike Emigh's beautiful photos of The Green Pajamas Audioasis session here: kexplive

This Winter's Night on Bandcamp















The first Green Pajamas Christmas song, This Winter's Night, is now available on Bandcamp. It was recorded in December 1984 in Joe Ross' bedroom with Joe, Jeff, Karl Wilhelm and a bunch of friends with two mics and a stereo cassette deck.  Joe and Jeff later did some overdubs of bells and percussion on Jeff's 4-track reel to reel.  Recorded before the PJs went to Green Monkey to record "Kim," the now famous waitress also gets a mention in this earlier release.  You can listen/buy it here: This Winter's Night


Live On KEXP!

Joe and Jeff at Slim's Last Chance, 10/5/13: older and not wiser.

The Green Pajamas will be interviewed and perform live on KEXP radio on Saturday, December 28th with host, DJ Sharlese Metcalf.  The time is 8:30 in the evening.  Tune in!

Final Show of 2013!



Photo by Deborah Spenser.

The Green Pajamas would like to thank all our friends and fans for coming out and supporting us at Slim's on May 18th.  You all made it a wonderful night.  

And thanks too, to Jilly Rizzo for inviting us!   

Exciting news to come...

Early Show This Saturday Night!

The Green Pajamas will play first of three bands this Saturday night, May 18th, at Slim's Last Chance Chili Shack & Watering Hole in Seattle.  So come early!  The show will start at approximately 9:00 with the PJs followed by Jilly Rizzo and The Fentons.  

Pajamas Live This Month

Pajama Country T-Shirts

Mr. Joe Ross has a limited number of GREEN PAJAMA COUNTRY T-shirts still available on his eBay page. There are two designs for sale.   Have a look right HERE.

Pajamas Most Listened To 2012



 My most listened/viewed pick-of-the-year is this youtube clip from 1971.

 (My son) Lincoln, who has become something of a youtube affectionado, and I have

watched this one many times.


As far as records. So little time to listen but here's what's turned my head this year.

1.  the new Mackelmore record I love

2. Ken Stringfellow DANZIG IN MOONLIGHT

3. Carice Van Houtens new record


As for new records – (my daughter) Lindsay turned me on to this singer/songwriter from Montreal named Mac Demarco.  He's pretty cool!

I also love the Macklemore/Ryan Lewis CD, THE HEIST.

And Eric Lichter – Elks in Paris


1. The Bee Gees  THE STUDIO ALBUMS 1967-1968 and ODESSA


3. Birdie  BIRDIE

4. CHARADE SOUNDTRACK re-issue  Henri Mancini

5. Lana Del Ray  BORN TO DIE



Christmas EP on Bandcamp!


You can now stream or download the O HOLY NIGHT E.P. on the Pajamas' Bandcamp site through December.  The tracks are: O Holy Night from 2007, The Carolers' Song from 2001, What Child Is This from 2010 and the bonus track, Cold North Sea Of Love / Bleak Are The Bells (Mix 1), previously unreleased, dating from 2002.  You can get it HERE.  Merry Christmas!

The Spell Video

Photo by Carlton Lonegran

The latest video from DEATH BY MISADVENTURE has arrived.  Jeff calls it "The Green Pajamas on French T.V. circa 1968."  Filmed in stunning black and white by Carlton Lonegran, it is also Jeff's humble homage to film director, Pedro Costa.  Watch it on YouTube or on our video page right HERE


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