Lost Girls Scariest Book?

Andrew Pyper writes on his official website of his novel Lost Girls, which inspired "Lost Girls Song" on the Green Pajamas album, NORTHERN GOTHIC.  

Jeff states: "One of those special moments in my life was when I got an email, out of the blue, from Andrew Pyper many years ago now.  A friend of his had given him NORTHERN GOTHIC as a gift and he was just writing me to say how much he liked the song.  I thought, wow, if the author of the book digs the song, I must have done it right!"

The author talks about his book, one of Jeff's very favorites, right here: www.andrewpyper.com

Live 2008 West Seattle Summer Fest

A new recording has been posted on the PJ's Bandcamp bootleg page: WEST SEATTLE SUMMER FEST 2008.  Raw and very live, recorded on a hot afternoon in July by Jayney Wallick, including Kim and a rare live performance of The Wave from THIS IS WHERE WE DISAPPEAR.  Check it out...

Pajamas Guest Edit MAGNET

All this week The Green Pajamas are Guest Editors at Magnet magazine on-line.  Each day new entries about film, art, music, booze and more will be posted by Jeff, Laura and Eric.  You can go to the guest editor page right here.   Jud Cost's feature from the print edition has been posted too: Something A Little More Comfortable

We hope you enjoy it!


"The Queen Bee's Last Tango" Video!

Green Monkey Records has posted the prequel video to "The Queen Bee Is Dead" on YouTube: "The Queen's Last Tango."  It features Rusty Ruiz as the king, Susanne Kelly as the queen, John Dailey as the prince, The Creepy Things (Tess, Jane and Martina) on strings and The Green Pajamas on Finlandia vodka.

You can view it HERE

Hidden Minutes Reloaded

The 2009 album, HIDDEN MINUTES, is now available exclusively for digital download on Bandcamp at The Green Pajamas Official Bootleg Page in any file format.

There are still copies of the L.P. available from Green Monkey Records.

Pajamas on facebook

The Green Pajamas are finaly on facebook.

First "Death By Misadventure" Video


"The Queen Bee Is Dead" is finally up on the Internet in widescreen high definition.  It is the first video promoting the new album, DEATH BY MISADVENTURE, due for release July 20th on Green Monkey.  You can watch it on the Green Monkey YouTube channel or here on our video page.  We hope you enjoy this little flight of dark whimsy...  

Live Performance In July!

Death By Misadventure Cover Art

Here is a preview of the new album's cover art, due in July on GMR...

New: "The Way I Feel About You" Video

There is a new video of The Pajamas playing "The Way I Feel About You" from their SUMMER OF LUST album here.

"Katie Lied" Video

Check out the new video for Katie Lied from the just released, SUMMER OF LUST CD re-issue on Green Monkey Records.  The wonderful Howie Wahlen has edited this video from an old VHS filmed at the Gorilla Gardens in Seattle in 1985. It features Jeff (vox and e. guitar), Steven Lawrence (e. guitar), Joe (bass) and Karl Wilhelm (drums).  You can see it right here.

Summer Of Lust Cover Art

Here is a look at the SUMMER OF LUST album cover to be reissued in May by Green Monkey. The compact disc release will feature the same photo that was used on the Ubik Records L.P. sleeve in 1989.

Summer of Lust CD Release

Green Monkey Records will issue the long-requested CD version of SUMMER OF LUST in May.  SOL is the first Green Pajamas album, originally released in the summer of 1984.  Joe Ross and Tom Dyer have been working on the re-master for compact disc, originally only available on cassette and later, in the UK, as a vinyl L.P.   More info to come... 


Green Monkey Reissue Coming?

Surprise release coming from Green Monkey Records in May??  We'll keep you posted... 

Goblin Market Video Posted



The video for the song, A Lonely Thing, by The Goblin Market has been posted on YouTube.  You can also see it here on the Secret Day video page.

Goblin Market Video


Work is finished on a new music video by The Goblin Market.  The song, "A Lonely Thing," was written by Jeff and is sung by Laura.  It is inspired by the true story of Charlotte Brontë's unrequited love for her teacher, M. Heger, whom she met while attending his school in Brussels.  Watch for it in March...   



Green Pajamas on The Travel Channel


Watch for The Green Pajamas on The Travel Channel's "Hidden City," Tuesday, February 14th at 9/8 central.  Show host, novelist Marcus Sakey (seen here jamming with the PJs), investigates Seattle's crime stories...

New Goblin Market album


Green Monkey Records is set to release Laura and Jeff's latest Goblin Market album, BENEATH FAR GONDAL'S FORIEGN SKY, in March.  The first 500 will be a limited, numbered edition.  Watch for a special offer to Green Pajamas' mailing list memebers soon...

Film At 11: The Green Pajamas

Magnet has posted the Dark Water video on their website which includes a very nice introduction from writer, Jud Cost HERE.

Dark Water Video

A previously unreleased music video for Dark Water (In The Wires), from GREEN PAJAMA COUNTRY, has been posted on the Green Monkey Records YouTube page.  You can see it there or on our video page, right here.

Happy New Year from The Green Pajamas

The new Green Pajamas album, DEATH BY MISADVENTURE, will be released in early spring of 2012.  You will find a preview of it and the upcoming video, "The Queen Bee Is Dead," here on our video page or here on YouTube.


Jeff Kelly from Seattle has made some of the most eerily beautiful and economic psychedelic pop-rock with his long-running band Green Pajamas although his reputation travels below the radar and usually by word of mouth between loyal fans...


PJ Country Interview

Jeff Penczak recently interviewed Jeff for The Terrascope.com.  You can read it here: Terrascope Interview



This Saturday Night!


PJ Country Review

Green Pajama Country is reviewed on the Wires and Waves website.  You can read it right here...

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