Pajama Country Is Out!

GREEN PAJAMA COUNTRY has finally been released!  You can buy it right here and you can see the Pass Me Another Whiskey film on our Videos page or on the YouTube Green Monkey Records site.  It is also being distributed to independent record stores and is available on the internet at Amazon, CD Baby, etc. 

Green Pajamas Film New Video

The Green Pajamas have just filmed a new video based on Jeff's surreal song, The Queen Bee Is Dead, featuring a sordid cast of Gothic Carnival characters and the cymbal crashing, LaBusty.  Release date for the video and album is January, 2012...  


PJ Country cover

So here it is - a sneak peek at the retro-style, digipack cover for GREEN PAJAMA COUNTRY, now (finally) in production for release in July.   

Kim The Waitress film

Writer, director and producer Scott Eriksson is releasing a new short film, Kim The Waitress.  It is, at once, beautiful and shocking and takes it's inspiration from The Green Pajamas song of the same name.

You can view the trailer here: Kim The Waitress film 

LIVE '98 Unreleased Vol. 2

We are pleased to announce a new website, THE GREEN PAJAMAS OFFICIAL BOOTLEG PAGE.  Over time, one will find releases unavailable elsewhere and geared toward those who might have most everything released on CD but desire a deeper exploration into the band's music and history.  Downloads will come with 300 dpi (high print quality), two page artwork.

The first release, LIVE '98 Unreleased Vol. 2, is available now through PayPal.   As the title states, it is a live radio broadcast from 1998, concentrating on songs from "Strung Behind The Sun" and "Indian Winter," recently edited by Jeff.  Seven songs available for $7.00 with cover art inspired by 1998's "All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed."  

Track list:

Gothic Funk

3-Way Conversation

Graduation Day

Dr. Dragonfly / Song For Christina (medley)

Kim The Waitress

Any Time Of Day

Dying To Love You


Now Available via PayPal!

The London Sundays/She's Had Enough 7" record is now available via PayPal for $9 overseas and $7 domestic, all shipping included.  Contact Joe at

These songs were recorded back in 1997 at Vagrant Recording in Seattle. 
Recorded and produced by Erik 4A in his trademark "garage" style these
mono mixes sat unreleased in his vault for forteen years--until now that
is.  This is a limited pressing of 300, each numbered sequentially, on
green vinyl.


Vagrant Records of Seattle is releasing a 7 inch 45 vinyl record featuring 2 songs by The Green Pajamas recorded in 1997 and (almost) lost in the vaults, "London Sundays" and "She's Had Enough." Both were written by Jeff, circa the early 1980s.  The band line-up at the time was Jeff, Eric and Joe with original drummer, Karl Wilhelm.

Eric's Wild Aim

Eric Lichter's Picture Day album is the current Green Monkey Records "Album of the Month." From the G.M.R. website:

"Gentle and glorious greetings –

It is February, the month football ends and more importantly, the month of love. And when you think love, I know you first think Picture Day. In January, we paid tribute to the sixties and Jerden Records. This month we go back to the halcyon days of 2010. Eric Lichter has been the new guy in The Green Pajamas for 10 years or so (okay, okay, Scott is newer – so what?) and has been a contributing songwriter as well as player. He writes more stuff than he can shoehorn onto a PJs album and has put out a solo album or two, including the lovely Palm Wine Sunday Blue. Mr. Lichter decided to do another, enlisting among others, his old band mate from The Life, Jimm McIver. The result isPicture Day. Tuneful. Understated. Direct or perhaps oblique. You can check ‘em out on MySpace or go right out and buy ‘em at CDbaby. Buy two."

You can listen to the Album of the Month here:


New Single - Why Good Men Go Bad


The new Green Pajamas digital single, Why Good Men Go Bad, will be released on iTunes the week of December 19th.  It will also become available on Napster, eMusic and Amazon MP3.  It kicks off the new album, GREEN PAJAMA COUNTRY, to be available on CD in early 2011.  

This song is about lust, betrayal, a vengeful ghost and a lot of whisky.  We hope you enjoy it.  

New Pajamas Christmas song

Laura, Joe and Jeff got together last week and recorded What Child Is This, set to the classic "Greensleeves" melody (some say written by Henry VIII) for the new Green Monkey Records charity Christmas collection.  You can get it (and a bunch of other stuff) for a buck here, through December: It's A Green Monkey Christmas

All Clues now available on-line

And you thought The Beatles on iTunes was big news!  Well, perhaps the most popular Green Pajamas album of all time is finally available for download.  All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed, originally released on CD in December 1998 on Camera Obscura Records will be ready for purchase digitally via iTunes in the first week of December.  (Soon to follow will be eMusic, Napster and Amazon mp3.)

Produced by Jeff and Joe, it is perhaps the group's true psychedelic masterpiece.  With rough and rollicking bass and electric guitar riffs, wild and distorted keyboard sounds and Beatlesque harmonies that fairly jump out of the speakers at you, this was and is one of the most successful albums for band and label and it made many a "best" list in 1999.  

St. Brigid Records is very happy to make it available for download.   

'Ash Wednesday Rain' interview by Tom Dyer

Green Monkey Records' Tom Dyer, recently asked Jeff Kelly about his 1995 solo album, Ash Wednesday Rain. You can read the interview and also buy the CD (on sale!) here: Ash Wednesday Rain






Tony Dale, 1958 - 2010

Tony and Jeff, Seattle, November 2000

Tony Dale, founder of Camera Obscura Records, has died.  On August 2, he lost a long battle with cancer.  Tony was directly responsible for the release of over 85 albums by an extremely varied group of bands on the Camera Obscura label.  He released music that he believed in with no regard to fashion or trends.  Hence, a label of extreme high art and individuality.  He will be missed by many, very much.  

Tony called Jeff in 1996 and asked about releasing something by The Green Pajamas.  What followed was a long and fruitful partnership: Strung Behind The Sun, All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed, Narcotic Kisses and Northern Gothic were all conceived with Tony's strong encouragement and support.  The conceptual Goblin Market records, Ghostland and Haunted, were also warmly embraced by the visionary label head.  One of Tony's most ambitious ideas was the 4 CD set of Jeff's home recordings, Melancholy Sun, released in October of 1999.  Jeff writes: "If he believed in something, he would find a way to do it.  Sometimes I would write him with some crazy idea and he would come back and top it with an even crazier idea.  No thought as to how many we'd sell - this was about art and beauty and the proper representation of the music he loved."   

The last Green Pajamas album released on Camera Obscura was the vinyl LP, Hidden Minutes. 

The Kelly Gang: Joe, Jeff, Carol and Tony Dale, Seattle, November 2000 


Red, Red Rose CD is out now!

The Green Pajamas have released a new CD single. Performed by Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller, “The Red, Red Rose,” was written by Kelly to express his anger and sadness after reading of Phoebe Prince's suicide following intense bullying from schoolmates in Massachusetts in January of this year.

Some Facts

The extended-play single includes four bonus tracks, never before released on CD

Fifty percent of all sales will go to The Jason Foundation (, dedicated to the prevention of youth suicide.


The Red, Red Rose full CD on Green Monkey slated to follow later this year



" The stark yet propulsive tune is, in a word, haunting, recalling vintage Sandy Denny-era Fairport Convention as envisioned through a dark psychedelic lens - and we defy anyone not to feel a lump in the throat when Kelly gets to the lines, "One January afternoon/ They killed you in your school clothes." Please listen to this song; it's an important one. Much like Neil Young's "Ohio" brought the Kent State deaths of 1970 into focus, "The Red, Red Rose" helps crystallize both the emotions and nuances of a tragedy that sometimes get obscured in the black-and-white world of news reports.” -Fred Mills, Blurt


Available now from Amazon

and Green Monkey Records






New E.P.

A new Extended Play Single CD, "THE RED,RED ROSE," will be released in July by Green Monkey Records.  It features the title track and four songs never before available on CD: "Just Another Perfect Day," "Raise Ravens" and "Little Dreams," re-mastered from the on-line-only album, "If You Knew What I Dreamed," and Jeff's folky "If Forever Comes," a melancholy love note to his children, recorded in the Bush era.    

The Red, Red Rose


The new Green Pajamas single, "The Red, Red Rose," is now available world-wide on iTunes as well as emusic, Amazon MP3, Napster and MySpace Music.  Fred Mills of Blurt magazine calls the song - written by Jeff for suicide victim Phoebe Prince - "haunting and mesmerizing." 


Green Pajama Country

Joe and Jeff are putting the art together for the long delayed "Green Pajamas Country" album, due out later this year.  Sequencing of the 14 songs and final mastering should be finished in June.  The CD will be released on Joe's own Endgame label.

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