Phoebe Prince mourned in Seattle band The Green Pajamas song 'The Red, Red Rose'


Seattle band's song pays tribute to Phoebe Prince


Wednesday, June 09, 2010


SOUTH HADLEY - Since her Jan. 14 suicide, Phoebe Prince has become a cause célèbre for those concerned with teenage bullying. Now a Seattle band has put her story into song and an Ohio memorial has set her name in stone.

Prince, 15, a freshman at South Hadley High School, hanged herself following what law authorities have described as two months of relentless harassment and bullying by some fellow school mates. The Northwestern District Attorney's Office has charged six former South Hadley High School students with a range of crimes in connection with Prince, including stalking, civil rights violations and statutory rape.

Prince's story has provided fodder for national television shows and magazines and struck a chord in her native Ireland, where news organizations have been following her case with interest. Recently, The Green Pajamas, a psychedelic pop band that has been around since 1984, released "The Red, Red Rose," a tribute to Prince that mourns her untimely death.


"The Red, Red Rose" goes on to spotlight the students accused of bullying Prince.

Drenched in Nirvana-like despair, the song regrets that Prince is "nevermore to see the sunrise, And nevermore the ocean wild."

"One January afternoon

They killed you in your school clothes

As sure as winter's cruel hands

Clutch and kill the red, red rose."

The lyrics were written by guitarist Jeff Kelly, who told reporters he is the father of two teenage girls. The song has already made the rounds on the Internet and can be purchased on iTunes.Meanwhile, the Toledo Children's Memorial in Ohio has honored Prince's memory with a brick that bears her name and the dates of her birth and death. Founded in 1999 in memory of children who have died in and around Toledo, the memorial has since expanded its scope, according to its Web page. Its location was the site of a car accident that claimed the lives of two local high school students.

Fred Contrada, The Republican
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