PSYCHOMOTORBRAIN VS EARTH: Green Pajamas - This Is Where We ...


Green Pajamas - This Is Where We Disappear (2001, USA)

Having released more than 20 albums between 1984 and 2009 and after almost 25 years of successful career, the Green Pajamas fairly considered by many as one of the most important neo-psychedelic bands in America and beyond. Those of you who know the Green Pajamas from their early recordings and especially The Book Of Hours released in 1986 and The Ghosts Of Love released in 1990 would agree that very few songwriters have been inspired songs like those of Jeff Kelly and even fewer remain on stage until our days with such quality and authenticity in their work. This Is Where We Disappear is Green Pajamas' best and one of the best of American psychedelia. Magnificent!
01.  This Is Where We Disappear
02.  Softly, Elizabeth
03.  The Moorland Ghost
04.  Secret Circle
05.  French To Japanese
06.  Matilda
07.  Would You Even Say Hello
08.  Something's Gone Wrong
09.  Spinning Away
10.  The Waitress At The Old White Lion
11.  Sweet 16
12.  Sweet Moth/36 Envelopes
13.  Wild Desire
14.  Downslide
15.  The Wave (It's Becoming Very Clear)


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