Summer of Lust

Guest post from John Fell Ryan of Excepter:

Despite all the artistic and media triumphs, it’s been a tough year for Excepter. Recession, depression, injury, illness – you name it, we got it in spades. Nostalgia gets a bad rap, but I’ve always found it to be a powerful salve in times of trouble, so bear with me while I turn the wayback machine to Seattle 1984. My 12-year-old self broke away from Mom for a half a second, ran up the patchouli-scented Ave to face the sphinx behind the record store counter and asked for the Green Pajamas by name. In return I got their first self-released cassetteThe Summer of Lust, photocopied cover on green paper with a tear-shaped hand-drawn logo and two dudes in Lennon shades and paisley shirts smoking cigarettes. The Pajamas had obviously experienced The Beatles firsthand when they were eight, the same age I would be sitting through screenings of The Yellow Submarine at the local library or science museum. Sitars and guitars abound and every song about a different, unreachable girl. Psychedelic Promethea appears in my imagination, heralding a brave new world. Nostalgia for nostalgia, an infinity mirror. I played that tape ’til it wore out. “Tell me what’s wrong with that?”


John Fell Ryan
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