REVIEW: The Green Pajamas; “The Red, Red Rose (Song For Phoebe ...

The grunge sound of Seattle was a nice comfortable blanket that was a loose way of describing the many diverse musical influences the city offers, and The Green Pajamas are an example of that diversity, explored through five different emotions on their EP, The Red, Red Rose (Song For Phoebe Prince) (Green Monkey).

The title track tales the story of Phoebe Prince, a 15 year old young woman in Massachusetts who killed herself after being bullied at school. It’s the kind of story that many can understand, simply wanting to be who you are without issue, and dealing with people who have issues with you for whatever preconceived notions. The rest of the EP continues on a somber tone, and even when we were kids wondering about why we were being hassled for the most petty shit, it’s sad to think that a song like this one has to be made just to make people stop on their hatred, or for those who feel troubled, realize there is always someone who will understand. A very positive release from a remarkable band.

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