15 More of the Best Psychedelic Albums Of All Time.

My top 40 psychedelic albums list ( VIEW HERE ) drew a lot of comment, so here's a follow up list of 15 items that didn't quite make it onto the first list, and items I've discovered since from reader's suggestions. There are still some major psychedelic artists absent from these lists - that's simply down to my personal tastes. And there will be at least one more follow up list within the next week so keep checking back.
Thanks to everyone for their input, and I hope you enjoy this one.

Green Pajamas - The Book of Hours ( 1987 )
A major omission from my first list - it would easily feature in the top ten. The best psych pop album of the eighties IMHO. The first properly recorded and distributed album by this fantastic long running Seattle outfit. Shades of Paul McCartney, Barrett era Pink Floyd and lots of other U.K psych influences. Fans of early solo Julian Cope and Dukes of Stratosphear should investigate immediately. The recent reissue includes all tracks from the different international versions and is definitive.  Read more...

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