Review: The Green Pajamas’ “Summer Of Lust"

Originally released in 1984 as a cassette-only album, The Green Pajamas‘ Summer Of Lustreceived some positive reviews in its day, and 28 years after its release, it holds up incredibly well, if not more than it did way back when.

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1984, I immediately wanted to know who were the band that were making people rock out. The Green Pajamas were a band that was mentioned a lot in the Seattle magazine The Rocket. The group would try out a wide range of styles in their existence, but for the most part were a local phenomenon whose following was as devoted as any local band. There were fans elsewhere too, but The Green Pajamas were a part of a scene that just wanted to rock, drink, and rock some more so they can afford more drinks, and Summer Of Lust is an album that showed the band’s love of pop, rock’n'roll, an folk in a way that was reflective of the music they grew up with and listened to at the time. Even though the album is now available on CD and digital, it still has the feel of a demo cassette. If it sounds innocent to you, maybe because it sounds genuine, or at least music played by a band of good friends that wanted to just play. The drums may not be completely on beat in some sections, the mixing may sound like it was more 1966 than 1984, and those may be reasons someone may call this dated, but nothing wrong with being dated if it also means honoring an album that could easily be recorded today with the same enthusiasm.

Even though this is music from Seattle’s honorable past, each of the songs onSummer Of Lust sound borderless. To me it sounds like the Seattle I first came in contact with, but people from other locales may hear it and remember being similar to the sound of their city or town. Good music is good music, and maybe it will influence people in the next 28 years to bring the Green Pajamas to future generation.

John Book
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