Blurt reviews "Summer Of Lust"

In 1984, inspired by both a fractured romance and a particularly fertile jam session, songwriters Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross self-released the first Green Pajamas album Summer of Lust on cassette, now given its definitive release on Green Monkey. While the gothic flavor that would become such an important part of the PJs' aesthetic hadn't yet manifested itself, the rest of the band's trademarks were already in place: sharp pop tunes ("Katie Lied," "I Feel That Way All the Time"), furtive acid folk ("My Mad Kitty," "I Feel Like a Murder"), roiling psych rock ("With a Flower in Her Hair," "The Dreams Inside the Butterfly's Mind"), plus a theme song ("Green Pajamas").



Deliberately evocative of ‘60s psych, the tracks have a nicely retro feel enhanced by the four-track cassette production, which has been cleaned up only enough to remove tape hiss. While the PJs would evolve and improve over subsequent years, Summer of Lust still has the joy and charm of a great band unleashing its muse into the universe for the first time. 


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