Ze Pajamas, Zey Are Green, No?

Okay, it’s a crappy accent, but I needed an opening line and I have written about these guys so many times I plain ran out of them.  To be blunt, The Green Pajamas are to me the best long-running show in the musical world today.   What?  Never heard of them?  Maybe never heard them?  You’re not alone and therein, some people might say, lies the problem.  My problem.  How to convince a public more attuned to soundbytes that not only complete songs but complete albums are the wave of the future.  How to break through the white noise to prepare them for the musical juggernaut which is The Green Pajamas.

Why?  Because I love the sound of Pajamas in the morning.  Pajamas?  I don’t need no stinkin’ Pajamas!  Pajamas?  You can’t handle The Pajamas!  Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, The Pajamas walk into mine.  A guitar, a bass and a drum walk into a bar…..  Getting any of this?  You awake now?  Well, hear this.  I have been listening to their brand spanking new albumDeath By Misadventurefor days, broken up only by the insertion of music which demanded my attention for tax purposes, and am convinced that not only is it the strongest and best Pajamas album to-date, it is one of the strongest ever recorded.  And it’s about freakin’bees!!!  You heard it right.  When they sing about the queen being dead, they are referring to the Queen Bee.

I’ve just about given up trying to figure out how they do it.  When it comes to music, they are a bottomless pit of ideas and movements and hooks and everything else you need to sustain a close to 30-year existence as a band.  Album after album and track after track, they have kept a level of competence unheard of in my mind.  The Beatles?  Dead after Yoko.  The Stones?  Dead after Exile on Main Street.  Madonna, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry?  Dead on arrival.  Nope.  No band or artist has has or has had the consistency of The Pajamas.

Like The Pajamas’ recent earlier efforts Poison In the Russian Roomand Green Pajamas Country!, Death is a concept album.  It is strung together like beads on a string, not unlike Sgt. Pepper.  It tells a story so bizarre that it runs like a Salvador Dali movie in my head as it plays.  It is so musically rich I can imagine it never growing old.  This, my friends, is an argument against music being dead.  This is why physical product is important.  An album this good demands physical product.  If only as a sign of respect.

I will spare you the lengthy monologue.  I do not deny having a long and drawn out relationship with the band’s music and I certainly do not apologize for it.  I am amazed that it has lasted through an incredible number of albums and EPs and singles.  No other band has ever held my interest through so many.  It is a quandary.  Luckily, All Clues Lead to Meagan’s Bed.  That statement is in code.


Frank Gutch Jr.
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