REVIEW: “Death By Misadventure”

There is really no reason why The Green Pajamas should not have the same kind of popularity that bands like Wilco and Pearl Jam have had and gained over the years. Here’s why. In terms of musical diversity… well, it’s a term that is often thrown around a lot, but for these guys it applies. They not only release albums that change with each release, but with Death By Misadventure(Green Monkey), it’s from song to song. You’ll hear a bit of blues-based rock, then another song that has that kind of jump and jive jazz that made Royal Crown Revue popular among fans, and then they’ll take things down a country path. Within the same song, you might here a bit of new wave or pop sensibilities that made them quite popular in Seattle and the rest of the Pacific Northwest in the 80′s. The fact that a band like this can still commit and play great music in 2012 is one reason why these guys should be playing festivals across the U.S. and the world. Add to that the lyricism that comes off like reading a forgotten book you found in a basement that somehow feels as if was meant to be found by someone like yourself: it’s just in tune, as in “it fits”, “it’s just right”, it’s the kind of rock’n'roll that needs to be celebrated. Plus, with 16 tracks on Death By Misadventure, it feels like a statement is being made and you’re wanting to listen to each song and figure out what that is. If not a message in its words, then at least a courageous story in how they’re doing it. If this is meant to truly represent death by some type of misadventure, then in the word of the California garage rock band The Mummies, what a way to die.

John Book