Psychotropic: Summer Of Lust & Death By Misadventure

The story of Seattle-based The Green Pajamas started in 1984 when Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross recorded a pile of songs on a 4-track reel-to-reel up in Joe’s attic and released them on tape as Summer of Lust. The album was later released on vinyl in 1989, but has since then disappeared into the unknown. Now the album is for the first time available on CD and even includes a couple of bonus tracks. It was about time, I could say! The 55-minute CD release that has 16 tracks on it has been remastered and despite the primitive recording these pretty raw and simple songs sound really honest and good. 60’s psychedelic pop and rock were definitely a big influence on Jeff and Joe in the 80’s, and many of the tracks are even garage rock. The most psychedelic pieces are probably the over seven-minute-long tracks ”With a Flower in Her Hair” and ”The Dreams Inside The Butterfly's Mind” that have lots of mind-expanding jamming and guitar solos and especially the later one also has some true psych effects. I’ve been a fan of the band for a long time now but I have never heard this album so this release will keep me happy for a long time… It has excellent songs and brilliant and original Paisley Underground vibe!This year, 28 years and over 20 albums later the band released their latest album entitled Death by Misadventure. The sound of the band has changed during the years although you can still recognize them as the same band. The more up-beat, intense psych rock blasts and the atmospheric, melancholic ballads are the ones that really do it for me the best, but there is also lots of different stuff in there like tango and waltz with accordion, bossanova, laid-back country rock and Leonard Cohen-styled singer/songwriter stuff. My personal favourites are the deep, inventive opener “You Can’t Look” that keeps it tension in a great way, the beautiful and hazy “Wrong Home”, the melodic pop song “Carrie”, the psychedelic and narcotic pop-rock piece ”A Peace of a Dream” as well as the catchy and hypnotic “Supervirgin”. These tracks sound really cool! The Green Pajamas still know what they are doing. The pretty cardboard covers include a lyric sheet and the first 1000 copies are numbered and initialized by the band members…

Dj Astro
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