Frank Gutch Jr: The Best of 2012

THE GREEN PAJAMAS/Death By Misadventure—  The Green Pajamasare, in my world, one of the most musical and creative rock bands.  I remember the days of Kim the Waitress  but really didn’t understand the trek they would take for the next few decades, reinventing themselves at every turn.  They have released, what?  Some twenty-plus albums?  And they aren’t even close to done.  Death By Misadventure is only the latest in a string which seems endless at this point.  They draw in numerous influences, from Brit Pop to circus music to psych to fashion a world few could have fashioned.  If the album was a film, it would be an art film— one with multiple levels and intriguing twists at every turn.  I cannot think of one band who has impressed me as much over the years and they show no sign of letting up.  

Not long ago, the Pajamas and Tom Dyer (Green Monkey Records)rekindled a working relationship which had lapsed.  Obviously, it was time for them to work together once more.  Bravo.

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Frank Gutch Jr.
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