By Reckless Moonlight Review

REVIEW: Jeff & Susanne Kelly’s “By Reckless Moonlight”If you’re a fan of the Seattle band the Green Pajamas, you should know who Jeff Kelly is. If you’ve been a fan of theirs since the 80′s, you may have heard of an album Jeff did with his then-new wive Susanne called Coffee In Nepal. It has been 27 years since its release and in that time, a lot of music has been made by Jeff, especially in the last year with the Green Pajamas. He decided it would be the perfect time to bring his wife into a new project, almost as a way to see how much time has passed, but also for fans to see how well they are as a unit. The end result is By Reckles Moonlight (Green Monkey), which you could say takes the lighter side of Green Pajamas’ sensitivities and becomes more personal. It’s a chance to hear a perspective that may have been heard differently within a group context, or to understand who some of their songs have been about. The lyrics and music come off like personal diary entries, some of them more poetic than others, but by the end you’ll figure out what the pieces are meant to say, although its honesty is quite obvious.

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