elsewhere Review

Jeff and Susanne Kelly; By Reckless Moonlight (Green Monkey):nced The Seattle singer-songwriter and mainman behind the excellent band Green Pajamas (as well as conducting other projects outside that GP remit of '66-influenced Beatlesque pop-rock) has also appeared frequently at Elsewhere, and we never tire of hearing new projects or tapes pulled from the vaults. This album has a precedent: in '87 Kelly and his new wife Susanne (an artist) independently released the album Coffee in Nepal and this poetic, often intensely personal (but with universal reach) By Reckless Moonlight collection is something of belated follow-up. As always the arrangements are as deft as the lyrics and here the Kelly's invite in cello alongside piano, Jeff's sometimes searing electric guitar and the acoustic-framed songs. Another exceptional outing from a reliable source (this time think White Album Lennon/Leonard Cohen/Donovan c. 1968). Make the effort to check Kelly out at Elsewhere. 

Graham Reid
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