Moonlight Review (translation)


Jeff Kelly & Susanne "reckless By moonlight"

"Coffee in Nepal" was recorded by Jeff and Susanne Kellybetween 1985 and 1987 Picked by hand in a 4 track deck, would be published on cassette in 1987 and reissued on vinyl five years after giving birth to a mini-garage psychedelic cult.
Contemporary of the first Green Pajamas, remains one of the most authentic and warm that Jeff Kelly produced throughout their career records. Mirror of a romance at its peak, "Coffee in Nepal" away from the paradigm of the Seattle sound of the time, embraced pop melodies, mixing them with elements of oriental music. Pre announced the standard that Pajamas and Kelly himself would follow not long after.  
27 years and over 400 songs after   "By Reckless Moonlight"   portrays the same novel, now perhaps have less fiery and restless -. "I used to love to hear the rain / Now I'm older and afraid / In your arms I was safe and warm" And here the cover chosen, a pastiche coincident of "Double Fantasy"Lennon and Yoko says a lot, almost everything.
Later editions of the Green Pajamas and Goblin Market in 2012, Kelly opted to take a break and "resetting the clock". He looked back and, along with Susanne (painter and author of most of the album covers) companion, decided to write accordingly. "Reckless By Moonlight" is anything but a nostalgic exercise, before a set of songs that results in a very world experiences and accomplices.

It is a mature work where you do not expect to find anything revolutionary as before, but something that comforts and subside.   Therefore, observing the standards to which Kelly accustomed us, it would be good. But this disk receives tremendous songs like "In Vanda's room", "Robin song," "I'd rather be filming in Vanda's room", "Coming to find you "or" Honey please come home. "And that, not being amazing, can only be cause for celebration.
Luis Peixoto
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