US Band Release Phoebe Prince Tribute Song - The Clare Herald

US Band Release Phoebe Prince Tribute SongThe Clare Herald“The Red, Red Rose (Song for Phoebe Prince)" by The Green Pajamas is performed by Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller. A total of six teenagers and three juvenilestudents have been arrainged in relation to the death of the schoolgirl.  Prince, who moved from North Clare to the US last Autumn, is believed to have hanged herself January 15th 2010 as the result of intensive bullying at South Hadley High School as well as on the social networking forum Facebook and via text message.

The newly released music track was written by Kelly who was keen to experess his anger and sadness reading of the Fanore girl’s suicide.

The recording, which will be released worldwide as a digital single this month, can be streamed on the band’s MySpace page:, or


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