The Terrascope Review: By Reckless Moonlight
Jeff and Susanne Kelly met approximately 28 years ago and Susanne provided backing vocals and inspiration for many of the tracks on Jeff’s second solo release, Coffee In Nepal, originally released on cassette by Green Monkey in 1987. The world has changed considerably in the intervening decades during which Jeff released over 30 albums...
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New LP from Green Pajamas’ Jeff & Suzanne Kelly
By Reckless Moonlight is the second collaborative album from Jeff and Susanne Kelly of beloved Seattle pop-sike band the Green Pajamas. It’s the way, way, way overdue to 1987’s cult-fave Coffee in Nepal [Read More...]
“Jeff & susanne Kelly” by leslie snyder
The mysteries of life will come out of Seattle, Washington from an independent rock duo which happens to be a married couple named Jeff & Susanne Kelly. This open minded couple sings songs about human emotion such as misery, romance, and adultery... [Read More...]
Homework Help: Who was Jeff Kelly?
Jeff Kelly is a song writer, guitarist and singer who fell in love with the Beatles when he was a schoolboy and decided after college that he wanted to be a musician and, as a result, has spent his life writing and recording--often on home-equipment--music, sometimes alone and sometime with fellow musicians, especially friend Joe Ross... [Read More...]
In 1988, Jeff Kelly of the Green Pajamas had a stack of songs -- many older, some new and fragmentary -- he wanted to commit to tape before the band moved on to their next album, and he had the idea of playing a show where the group could run through the tunes in question, record the gig, and release the results as a cassette... [Read More...]
NOVEMBER: Terrascope Review
"This has got to be the strangest release in the PJs 30-year, 30-album discography. Back in 1987, Jeff Kelly came up with the idea of recording a live performance as a way of capturing the energy of a live gig for their fans and to preserve for posterity some old songs they never recorded along with some of the newer tracks they didn’t plan on recording any time soon..."
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Flashes of the Past: NOVEMBER
The Seattle underground rock scene is supported by one label that is trying to turn the rest of the U.S. on to the new music brewing in the Northwest... [Read More...]
Mojophenia Reviews NOVEMBER
Guitar driven Power-Pop was really quite obscure during the late 80′s, almost bordering on retro or even semi-nostalgic, that’s geographically speaking of course... [Read More...]
On a Midnight Listening Rampage With Eric Lichter
If you have never stumbled through the night listening to something you’d never heard before you’re not going to understand what a thrill this is, but I am right now diving through a string of songs by The Green Pajamas‘ Eric Lichter that I don’t think even he knew were posted... [Read More...]
Another NOVEMBER Review
A groovy adventure begins in Seattle, Washington from an independent pop rock quartet called The Green Pajamas... [Read More...]
By 1987, when the Green Pajamas released their masterful second album, Book of Hours, they already had quite a backlog of material that hadn't been released... [Read More...]
Green Pajamas, The Jilly Rizzo and The Fentons...
An impromptu night out Saturday May 18th landed me south of downtown Seattle at Slim’s Last Chance. This was my first time in this now legendary club.... [Read More...]
Albums To Cherish: Death By Misadventure
At the outset, I am quite prepared to accept that this band is an acquired taste, but it is a taste I came to love fairly quickly... [Read More...]
Eric's ELKS IN PARIS Blurt Review
Recorded in Paris in collaboration with Ken Stringfellow, Elks in Paris finds Green Pajamas keyboardist Eric Lichter in full control of his muse. A collection of low-key but impeccably crafted pop songs released a full decade after his solo debut Palm Wine Sunday Blue, the record not only highlights the gifts Lichter brings to the PJs' party, but also a vision that stands apart from his employers'... [Read More...]
"Everything you wanted, all at once..."
What's it called?:
Death By Misadventure
What does it sound like?:
Everything you wanted, all at once, with a Cadbury's Flake stuck in the top. If you know who the Jammies are, then you'll hie yourself to the market to grab yourself a copy toot sweet, because you are a person of extraordinary refinement... [Read More...]
S.O.L on Active Listener's Best Reissues list
The first official CD release for this previously cassette only album from 1985, this is full of ramshackle lo-fi charm... [Read More...]
Frank Gutch Jr: The Best of 2012
The Green Pajamas are, in my world, one of the most musical and creative rock bands... [Read More...]
Terrascope Reviews Summer Of Lust / Gondal
Here it is – the release that started it all, rescued and remastered from the original cassette master. One spring evening in 1984, Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross retired to Joe’s parents’ house, set up a single mic, turned on Jeff’s 4-track reel-to-reel TEAC, and laid down the initial tracks of what would soon become their debut album... [Read More...]
Terrascope Reviews Death
To be honest I have had this album for several weeks and it has taken several plays to fully appreciate its beauty and strength as it seems more obscure and dense than the other albums I own by the band... [Read More...]
A Great "Death" Review
‘Death By Misadventure’ is a wacky exercise in psychedelia. A beautiful, crazy concept album about the life cycle of a bee colony (kind of). Quirky? Yep. Dark and tormented. Indeed. Oh, and it’s the 30th album by Seattle stalwarts and psychedelic enthusiasts The Green Pajamas. It’s starting to make sense now… [Read More...]
Misadventure Review in Dutch
Begin jaren tachtig waren Jeff Kelly en Joe Ross vast besloten in hun thuishaven Seattle een eigen versie van de toen in Los Angeles populaire paisley undergroundbeweging te starten... [Read More...]
Psychotropic: Summer Of Lust & Death By Misadventure
The story of Seattle-based The Green Pajamas started in 1984 when Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross recorded a pile of songs on a 4-track reel-to-reel up in Joe’s attic and released them on tape as Summer of Lust... [Read More...]
Death By Misadventure Review
It's doubtful whether there are any other acts out there who have amassed as impressive a body of work, while reaching so few as Seattle's long running Green Pajamas... [Read More...]
The Green Pajamas - Northern Gothic (2002)
The Green Pajamas' Jeff Kelly is one of the most gifted songwriters of intelligent psychedelic pop. He can combine effortlessly the out-there feel of a good psychedelic song with a catchy refrain... [Read More...]
REVIEW: “Death By Misadventure”
There is really no reason why The Green Pajamas should not have the same kind of popularity that bands like Wilco and Pearl Jam have had and gained over the years. Here’s why... [Read More...]
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