Lust Never Sleeps
Outstanding official bootleg recorded live, Thursday, March 14, 1996 at the Tractor Tavern, Seattle... [Read More...]
Report: Green Pajamas Live in Seattle
In a creative frenzy whose sheer volume almost rivals the Beatles at their most prolific, the Green Pajamas have been on a roll that might be the envy of any Las Vegas crapshooter... [Read More...]
Death By Misadventure Review from Blurt
After nearly three decades of consistently high quality psychedelicfolkgothpowerpoprock, the Green Pajamas enter the world of the longform narrative... [Read More...]
Ghosts Of Love Review
The Green Pajamas vision as we know it first coalesced on Ghosts of Love. As the sole songwriter here, Kelly lets a folk undercurrent flow lushly through the album... [Read More...]
Ze Pajamas, Zey Are Green, No?
Okay, it’s a crappy accent, but I needed an opening line and I have written about these guys so many times I plain ran out of them. To be blunt, The Green Pajamas are to me the best long-running show in the musical world today... [Read More...]
The Green Pajamas - Indian Winter (1997)
An absolutely essential collection of the Green Pajamas' early singles and previously unreleased tracks, 1997's Indian Winter is a handy refresher course for all but the most knowledgeable neo-psych fans... [Read More...]
Blurt reviews "Summer Of Lust"
In 1984, inspired by both a fractured romance and a particularly fertile jam session, songwriters Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross self-released the first Green Pajamas album Summer of Lust on cassette, now given its definitive release on Green Monkey... [Read More...]
Goblin Market Review
The Goblin Market is the duo of Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller. They’ve been around on and off for more than a decade, releasing just a handful of albums in between work with their main band, the Green Pajamas... [Read More...]
Summer of Lust
Green Pajamas out of Seattle are one of the great, if largely ignored, pysch-pop band (think Rubber Soul/Revolver) and at last they have got around to releasing . . . their debut album? [Read More...]
Review: The Green Pajamas’ “Summer Of Lust"
Originally released in 1984 as a cassette-only album, The Green Pajamas‘ Summer Of Lust received some positive reviews in its day, and 28 years after its release, it holds up incredibly well, if not more than it did way back when... [Read More...]
Rock and Reprise reviews Summer Of Lust
I have no idea who Mike Brown is or was, but how cool would it be to have had a song written about you? The Green Pajamas, in their amoeba phase, did just that--- wrote a song about a Mike Brown. Or maybe not. Maybe Jeff Kelly just liked the name and the way it sounded, but what the hell? It would still be cool. I can envision in my head 25 or 30 Mike Browns walking around Seattle back in 1984 claiming that that song was, indeed, written about them. Even the uncool ones no one wanted to be like. Immortality can be a hopeful thing... [Read More...]
Summer Of Lust Review
Recorded back in 1984 on a four track in Joe Ross' parent's attic, this is something of a holy grail to Green Pajama's fans... [Read More...]
Goblin Market on Brontë Blog
We present today a work of love, a musical album inspired by the poems of the Brontës, particularly but not only, Emily Brontë. It's reallyenlightening to read Jeff Kelly's Brontëiteness confession. We are pretty sure that plenty of our readers will recognise themselves in things like...
Gondal on Brontë Sisters blogspot
Jeff Kelly: Imagine then my shock while in 1999 touring their home, now a museum, and seeing an actual lock of Emily’s hair...
Review: The Goblin Market
“The lonely nights above the graves, it brushed against your face/if I could, I’d touch it, steal it from this place” is one of many moving lines to be found on Beneath Far Gondal’s’ Foreign Sky... [Read More...]
Blurt Review of The Goblin Market
Technically a side project from Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller of the Green Pajamas, the Goblin Market allegedly concentrates more on Kelly's penchant for gothic themes and atmosphere over psychedelic melody and whimsy... [Read More...]
Beneath Far Gondal's Foreign Sky
I've established with previous posts that the Green Pajamas are glorious, and are frankly required listening for anyone who claims to love guitar based pop/rock... [Read More...]
Goblin Market, Wuthering Psych
First off, about this Goblin Market thing. I get that Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller probably started this side project of Green Pajamas thinking that they wanted to distance themselves from the Pajamas, that the separation would avoid confusion... [Read More...]
Musical Geniuses Who Should Be Household Names (Part One)
We've all got a few favorite artists who we think should be superstars but no-one else seems to have heard of. Here's part one of the Active Listener's selection of musical geniuses that the masses have yet to discover... [Read More...]
15 More of the Best Psychedelic Albums Of All Time.
My top 40 psychedelic albums list ( VIEW HERE ) drew a lot of comment, so here's a follow up list of 15 items that didn't quite make it onto the first list, and items I've discovered since from reader's suggestions... [Read More...]
What's Up With the Green Monkey?: Featuring The Green Pajamas, and Sigourney Reverb
About a year or two back, I became enamored with a defunct Seattle indy label called Green Monkey Records. Issuing a string of cassettes, then vinyl, then CD's in the mid-80's to early '90's, Green Monkey occupied a rare space between the death of the new wave scene and the birth of grunge in Seattle musical history. And what a label they were... [Read More...]
When Indie Musicians “Go Country”
Released on a label whose tagline is “underground Seattle rock 1980 to 2021”, Green Pajamas Country! is the first album marked as “country” from the Seattle psychedelic-ish, power-pop-ish cult group the Green Pajamas who, led by singer/songwriter Jeff Kelly, have been releasing albums since 1984. At first the album seems like a cartoon version of country, from the cowgirl with a gun on the cover to the opening number “Green Pajama Country (Opening Theme)”, a cheeky, retro ode to Western theme music... [Read More...]
Green Monkey Records' excavation of the Green Pajamas' back catalogue has been an impressive undertaking which I'm sad to see the end of, but they go out with a bang here!...
[Read More...]
Green Pajamas Country!
Although we have learned that Jeff Kelly of Seattle's Green Pajamas -- a band which has consistently delivers seductive and intelligent paisley-pop grounded in the spirit of the mid-Sixties, see here -- grew up playing country music with his father, this new album is something of a surprise...
[Read More...]
REVIEW: The Green Pajamas’ “Green Pajama Country!”
The Green Pajamas have been around for so long, it’s a shock that these guys do not already have a museum named in honor of them and their music. But these guys are taking the long road, knowing that honors and museums aren’t necessary when you simply want to play, and this time they’re doing it country style. Surprise? Maybe, maybe not... [Read More...]
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