Green Pajama Country
Don't freak out, Pajamas fans. The Green Pajamas have not gone Nashville nor have they gone crazy. Well, maybe crazy--- a little. What they have done is put out an album called Green Pajama Country! and while it is true that there is a bit of a twang here and there, you can count on the Pajamas to be Pajamas first and genre thereafter... [Read More...]
Green Pajama Country in The Terrascope
A country record? From our favourite paisley pop psychsters? Now I’ve heard everything! Well, if you’ve been following Seattle’s finest over the past 25+ years, you’ve even heard a few tracks off this, their 17th (give or take a few EPs and compilations) album...
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Green Pajama Country
With its cheery explanation point, Green Pajama Country! comes across as not only a gimmick, but a jokey one at that. But Seattle's finest psych rockers are no strangers to thematic LPs - ten years ago the band released The Caroler's Song and In a Glass Darkly, back-to-back EPs related to Christmas and J.S. Le Fanu respectively... [Read More...]
I’ve never had to rediscover All Clues Lead to Meagan’s Bed. In the eleven years since the album’s release, I’ve listened to it reliably at least once a month, usually closer to once a week, sometimes two or three times a day... [Read More...]
Magnet: Film At 11 feature
Forged in 1984 by a reverence for the Beatles’ 1966 single “Rain,” the Green Pajamas have pretty much stayed within the friendly confines of psychedelic/folk rock for most of their storied career. Until now... [Read More...]
The Green Pajamas, The Red Red Rose EP
"One January afternoon / they killed you in your school clothes / as sure as winter's cruel hands clutch and kill the red red rose". This is heavy stuff, with the band playing heavy to match... [Read More...]
REVIEW: The Green Pajamas; “The Red, Red Rose (Song For Phoebe ...
The grunge sound of Seattle was a nice comfortable blanket that was a loose way of describing the many diverse musical influences the city offers, and The Green Pajamas are an example of that diversity... [Read More...]
Green Pajamas: The Red, Red Rose
...After cataloging some of the beauty in the world that Phoebe can no longer enjoy, Kelly laments, “One January afternoon / They killed you in your school clothes”, while unsaid and unspeakable anger, remorse and guilt pours out of his guitar. It’s beautiful, and it’s a shame it ever had to be written... [Read More...]
Summer of Lust
Nostalgia gets a bad rap, but I’ve always found it to be a powerful salve in times of trouble, so bear with me while I turn the wayback machine to Seattle 1984... [Read More...]
Absolute Powerpop: CD of the Day, 9/14/10: Picture Day-Wild Aim
Picture Day is the brainchild of The Green Pajamas' Eric Lichter, who wrote the songs here and had them performed by an impressive cast of friends including Ken Stringfellow and Jimm McIver. In many respects the sound here is similar to ... [Read More...]
The Red, Red Rose EP by Green Pajamas on Blurt Online
The haunted waltz "Raise Ravens," the lovely (if dark) ballad "Just Another Perfect Day" and the winsome folk popper "Little Dreams" also appear on the band's download-only collection If You Knew What I Dreamed: The Green Pajamas Play ... [Read More...]
Complete Book of Hours
Like the Northwest environs from which they hail, Green Pajamas' music conveys a magical allure that proves consistently beguiling, no matter how many times it's experienced... [Read More...]
Clare People Interactive » Red Red Rose...
The tragic death of Fanore teenager Phoebe Prince has inspired people from every corner of the globe. Andrew Hamilton talks to Jeff Kelly from Seattle indie band The Green Pajamas, about their latest record “The Red, Red Rose – A Song ... [Read More...]
Song Remembers Phoebe Prince, The ‘Red Rose’
BOSTON — A Seattle indie band has released a song for Phoebe Prince, the South Hadley High School freshman who committed suicide earlier this year after relentless bullying by her peers... [Read More...]
Phoebe Prince mourned in Seattle band The Green Pajamas song 'The Red, Red Rose'
SOUTH HADLEY - Since her Jan. 14 suicide, Phoebe Prince has become a cause célèbre for those concerned with teenage bullying. Now a Seattle band has put her story into song and an Ohio memorial has set her name in stone... [Read More...]
Also, a quick shout-out to old friends, The Green Pajamas, for doing the right thing and releasing the digital single, "The Red, Red Rose (Song for Phoebe Prince)," a remarkably heartfelt tribute and memorial to Phoebe Prince... [Read More...]
Green Pajamas Issue Phoebe Prince Song

This is important: Haunting and mesmerizing tune pays tribute to the young girl who was victimized by bullies. Hear the track below.

By Fred Mills

BLURT faves the Green Pajamas have just released a new song based on the sad story of Phoebe Prince, who committed suicide following intense bullying from schoolmates in Massachusetts in January of this year. "The Red, Red Rose" is performed... [Read More...]
US Band Release Phoebe Prince Tribute Song - The Clare Herald
US Band Release Phoebe Prince Tribute SongThe Clare Herald“The Red, Red Rose (Song for Phoebe Prince)" by The Green Pajamas is performed by Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller. A total of six teenagers and three juvenile ... [Read More...]
The Big Takeover: The Green Pajamas – The Complete Book of Hours ...
Seattle psych rock treasures the GREEN PAJAMAS originally released The Book of Hours, its second album (and first not in cassette-only form), in 1986. While the record saw sporadic reissue on foreign labels throughout the 80s, ... [Read More...]
GMR to Reissue the Green Pajamas' Book of Hours | Line Out | The ...
Green Monkey Records will reissue Seattle group the Green Pajamas' excellent 1987 psych-pop album The Complete Book of Hours Tues. April 6. You can stream it for free here throughout April. The album can be purchased at and ... [Read More...]
PSYCHOMOTORBRAIN VS EARTH: Green Pajamas - This Is Where We ...
Having released more than 20 albums between 1984 and 2009 and after almost 25 years of successful career, the Green Pajamas fairly considered by many as one of the most important neo-psychedelic bands in America and beyond. ... [Read More...]
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