Albums* by The Green Pajamas

Summer of Lust (1984) Green Monkey Cassette [USA], Re-issued (1989) Ubic LP [UK]

Book Of Hours (1986) Green Monkey LP [USA], Re-issued (1988) Di Di Music LP [Greece], (1989) A-Go Go Records LP [Australia], (1989) Bouncing Head LP [Germany]

Ghosts of Love (1990) Bomp/Green Monkey LP [USA] and Di Di Music LP [Greece]

Re-issued (2000) Get Hip CD [USA]

Strung Behind The Sun (1997) Camera Obscura CD [Australia], Re-issued (2018) Sugarbush LP [UK]

Indian Winter (1997) Get Hip CD [USA]

All Clues Lead To Meagan’s Bed (1999) Camera Obscura CD [Australia, Re-issued (2019) Sugarbush LP [UK]

Seven Fathoms Down and Falling  (1999) Woronzow LP and CD [UK] / Rubric CD [USA]

Narcotic Kisses (2000) Camera Obscura LP and CD [Australia]

This Is Where We Disappear (2001) Woronzow CD [UK] / Rubric CD [USA]

Lust Never Sleeps (2002) Endgame CD [USA]

Northern Gothic (2002) Camera Obscura CD  [Australia]

Through Glass Colored Roses: The Best Of the Green Pajamas (2003) Hidden Agenda CD [USA]

Ten White Stones (2004) Hidden Agenda CD [USA]

21st Century Seance (2005) Hidden Agenda CD [USA]

The Night Races Into Anna  (2006) Hidden Agenda CD [USA]

Box Of Secrets: Northern Gothic 2 (2007) Hidden Agenda CD [USA]

Poison In The Russian Room (2009) Hidden Agenda CD [USA]

Hidden Minutes (2009) Camera Obscura LP [Australia]

The Complete Book Of Hours (2010) Green Monkey [USA]

Green Pajama Country (2011) Green Monkey/Endgame CD [USA]

Summer of Lust (Re-issue 2012) Green Monkey CD [USA], (Re-issue 2014) Vinilísssimo LP [Spain]

Death By Misadventure (2012) Green Monkey CD [USA], (2015) Sugarbush LP [UK]

November (Re-issue 2013) Green Monkey CD [USA]

Happy Halloween! (2014) Green Monkey CD [USA]

If You Knew What I Dreamed: The Green Pajamas Play The Jeff Kelly Songbook (2016) Sugarbush LP [UK]

To The End Of The Sea (2016) Green Monkey CD [USA], Sugarbush LP [UK]

Supernatural Afternoon (2017) Sugarbush LP [UK]

Phantom Lake: Northern Gothic 3 (2018) Green Monkey CD [USA]

*Albums listed are compact disc or vinyl LPs.   Digital versions are also available on various websites.

EPs by The Green Pajamas

Strung Out (1998) Camera Obscura [Australia] / Endgame (EP) CD  [USA]

The Carolers’ Song (2001) Hidden Agenda (EP) CD  [USA]

Glass Darkly: Songs Inspired By The Stories of J. S. Le Fanu (2002) Hidden Agenda (EP) CD [USA]

If She Only Knew (2002) Luna (EP) CD  [USA]

Essence Of Carol (2003) Luna (EP) CD [USA]

The Red, Red Rose (2010) Green Monkey (EP) CD [USA]

Singles by The Green Pajamas

Kim The Waitress / Jennifer (1984) Green Monkey 7 inch record [USA]

Kim The Waitress / Peppermint Stick (1985) Bouncing Head 7 inch record [Germany]

End Of Love (1988) Sound Affects Magazine 7 inch clear flexi-disc [Denmark]

Sister Anne / Emily Grace (1988) Green Monkey 7 inch record [USA]

Such A Lovely Daughter (1989) Unhinged Magazine 7 inch flexi-disc [UK]

Song For Christina / I Have Touched Madness (1993) Endgame 7-inch record [USA]

Song For Christina / A Nightmare (1998) Camera Obscura 7-inch record [Australia]

These Are The Best Times / Vampire Crush (1998) Camera Obscura 7-inch record [Australia]

Dreams of Rhonda / In A Lonely Way (2001) Earworm 7-inch single record [UK]

You Can’t Look (2009) St. Brigid Digital Single [USA]

Why Good Men Go Bad (2010) St. Brigid Digital Single [USA]

London Sundays / She’s Had Enough (2011) Vagrant 7-inch record [USA]

This Winter’s Night (2013) St. Brigid Digital Single [USA]

Red Bird (2015) St. Brigid Digital Single [USA]

Digital-only Albums and EPs by The Green Pajamas

If You Knew What I Dreamed: The Green Pajamas Play The Jeff Kelly Songbook (2007) St. Brigid Digital LP

Edge Of The Night (Unreleased Vol. 1) (2010) St. Brigid Digital LP / Bandcamp

Live ’98 (Unreleased Vol.2) (2011) St. Brigid Digital LP / Bandcamp

West Seattle Summer Fest 2008 (2012) Official Bootleg Digital LP / Bandcamp

O Holy Night (2012) Official Bootleg Digital EP / Bandcamp

You Can’t Look (2013) St. Brigid Digital EP / Bandcamp

Live ’99 Unreleased Vol. 3 (2015) Official Bootleg Digital EP / Bandcamp

Live ’04 Unreleased Vol. 4 (2015) Official Bootleg Digital EP / Bandcamp

Radio Remixes (2015) Official Bootleg Digital EP / Bandcamp

The Green Pajamas Family Christmas Album (2018) St. Brigid Digital LP / Bandcamp

Solo Records

By Jeff Kelly –

Baroquen Hearts (1985) Green Monkey Cassette [USA]

Coffee In Nepal (1986) Green Monkey Cassette [USA] Re-issued (1992) Di Di Music LP [Greece]

Portugal (1990) Green Monkey Cassette [USA]

Private Electric Storm (1992) Green Monkey Cassette [USA]

Ash Wednesday Rain  (1995) Green Monkey CD [USA]

Melancholy Sun The Home Recordings of Jeff Kelly (1999) Camera Obscura 4 CD box set [Australia]

Indiscretion (2001) Hidden Agenda CD  [USA]

For The Swan In The Hallway (2004) Hidden Agenda CD [USA]

Twentyfive (2015) Official Bootleg Digital LP / Bandcamp

A Whisper Of Rain: Home Recordings 1991-1996 Vol. 1 (2015) Official Bootleg Digital LP / Bandcamp

Of Wine And Tears: Home Recordings 1991-1996 Vol. 2 (2015) Official Bootleg Digital LP / Bandcamp

Today I’ll Go Away: Home Recordings 1983 (2018) Official Bootleg Digital LP / Bandcamp

Alleys of Madrid [Single] (2018) St.Brigid Record’s Bandcamp

Moon Over Granada / Juliana Of The One-Man-Scanner Station (2019) Green Monkey Digital Single / Bandcamp

Beneath The Stars, Above The River (2019) Green Monkey CD [USA]

Of Missingness (2020) Green Monkey Digital Single / Bandcamp

The Lisbon Vampire (Single Ver.) / Moon Over Granada (Acoustic Ver.)(2019) Green Monkey Digital Single / Bandcamp

By Jeff and Susanne Kelly –

By Reckless Moonlight (2014) Green Monkey CD

Fur For Fairies (2015) Green Monkey CD

By Eric Lichter 

Palm Wine Sunday Blue (2002) Hidden Agenda CD [USA]

Elks In Paris (2012) Diamond Market Records [USA]

Albums by The Goblin Market (Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller)

Ghostland (2001) Camera Obscura CD [Australia]

Haunted: Songs inspired by the stories of Joyce Carol Oates  (2005) Camera Obscura CD [Australia]

Beneath Far Gondal’s Foreign Sky (2012) Green Monkey Records [USA]

Live At The Showbox (2010) Official Bootleg Digital LP / Bandcamp

Compilation albums featuring songs by The Green Pajamas or Jeff Kelly

Monkey Business (1984) Green Monkey LP [USA]

Hemp #1 (1988) Hemp 7 inch flexi-disc EP [USA]

Time Will Show The Wiser (1989) Triad LP and CD [USA]

The Fourth Adventure (1991) Guiding Light LP [Denmark]

Goar EP #8 (1993) Goar Records 7 inch record EP [USA]

Destination Bomp The Best Of Bomp Records First 20 years (1994) Bomp CD [USA]

Picking Up The Peaces (1998) Seattle Peace Concerts CD [USA]

Four Dots (1998) Montesano CD [USA]

Chk OS 14 (1998) Chunklet magazine CD [USA]

Serotonin Ronin (1998) Camera Obscura CD [Australia]

The Dawn Of A New Era (1998) The Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine CD [UK]

Thou Shalt Expand Thy Mind (1998) The Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine CD [UK]

The Serotonin Ronin II Compilation (1999) Camera Obscura CD [Australia]

Succor The Terrascope Benefit Album (1997) Pot CD [UK]

Asyd Vynil (2000) Krank LP [UK]

Urban Meadows (2000) Broken Face CD [Sweden]

Like It? It’s Yours (2000) Woronzow Promotional CD [UK]

Wake Up Your Windows Let’s Do The Zombies (2000) Zapruder Groove 7 inch record [Norway]

Stuck In The Chimney More Christmas Singles (2001) Parasol CD [USA]

Parasol’s Sweet Sixteen 3 (2001) Parasol CD [USA]

Parasol’s Sweet Sixteen 4 (2001) Parasol CD [USA]

More Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm (2001) Earworm CD [UK]

Rubric Records Compilation (2001) Rubric CD [USA]

Symphony For Heartbreak U. S. Pop Life Vol. 9 (2001) Contact CD [Japan]

Single Wish (2002) Sprite Recordings / Luna CD [USA]

Parasol’s Sweet Sixteen 5 (2002) Parasol CD [USA]

Untitled (2003) Dream Magazine CD [USA]

Potbuster (2003) The Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine CD [UK]

Parasol’s Sweet Sixteen 8 (2005) Parasol CD [USA]

The Modern Genius Of Ray Davies (2006) MOJO Magazine CD [UK]

Revolver Reloaded (2006) MOJO Magazine CD [UK]

Between The Lines (2007) EMI Austria 2 CD [Austria]

Chamber Music (James Joyce) (2008) Fire Records LP and CD [UK]

It Crawled from the Basement: The Green Monkey Records Anthology (2013) Green Monkey CD [USA]

Gathered Leaves [A Ptolemaic Terrascope Sampler] (2016) Sugarbush LP [UK]